Apr 102014

Star Trek Continues


00:07 Party’s over, Québécois:
Partie Québécois lose Quebec election, Canada – better off without Quebec?, Napoleonic Code, political tribalism, “blame it on the ethnics…”, Quebec minority separatists, cultural and language barriers, Crimea and Russia, terms of succession, Canada’s value to Quebec?, constitutional protections
13:47 Principle – People – Party – Politics – Power: Feedback: Simon O’Riordan, avoiding the mass movement phenomenon, pragmatism and compromise vs principle, political parties, Freedom Party, voting, setting out party positions in advance
25:35 Where man has gone before… Star Trek Continues: two thumbs up for Star Trek Continues, Michael Forrest as Apollo, Vic Mignogna as William Shatner as Captain Kirk, Pilgrim of Eternity, sacrifice as benefit, acts of kindness, Classic Star Trek connections – actors old and new, Lolani
52:08 Fanning the Star Trek passion: fans re-creating Star Trek episodes, embracing humanity and human kindness, fans and actors, entertainment professionals, Vic Mignogna, raising funds to produce Star Trek fan episodes, Star Trek Renegades 57:53 END

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