Apr 172014



00:07 Ontario’s College of Trade Barriers: Ontario College of Trades, Jeff Yurek, Tim Hudak’s promise to scrap Ontario College of Trades, Trade barrier horror stories: Peter’s story, Doug’s story, Don’s story, Rich’s story, Brian’s story, Pete’s story, victims of trade barriers
16:45 Tory Story – Can you believe it? PC David Tsubouchi – Head of Ontario College of Trades, socialism-communism-fascism, PC Garfield Dunlop supports grandfathering College of Trades in, College of Teachers brought in by PCs
27:30 College discipline – We’re fine if you’re fined: Ontario College of Trades – from the horse’s mouth, ‘joining’ the college, fines and penalties apply to non-‘members’ as well, complaints and discipline, the public interest
40:35 Ontario College of Trades: Guild fascism: guilds, guild socialism, guild fascism, Ontario College of Trades, implied contract with public, medieval origins of guilds, tax-grab, not a ‘mistake’ but a crime 54:58 END

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