Apr 092015

Harvard Seal


00:07 No service please: right to refuse service, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, right to discriminate, public vs private realm, public notice of discrimination
09:05 Ending philosophy: intellectualism, reality is objective, Prospect’s vote for top ten world intellectuals, Thomas Piketty, Yanis Varoufakis, Naomi Klein, Russell Brand, Paul Krugman, Arundhati Roy, Jurgen Habermas, Daniel Kahneman, John Gray, Atul Gawande, Russell Brand’s ending philosophy
30:40 The fact of Camille Paglia: Harvey Mansfield, Camille Paglia, political correctness, academics challenging the status quo, they saw it coming, creating angst division and confusion, properly informed people are less vulnerable to manipulation, cult of personality vs ideas, Paglia’s calls for education reform, the certainty that some ideas are better than others
44:50 Just great: world religions as great symbol systems that sustain, Camille Paglia, state of education, youth as anti-establishment, abandonment of greatness, knowledge of history, there are facts, critique’s that lack solutions, focus on core curriculum, knowledge is hierarchical, postmodernism’s relative contradictions 58:41 END

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