Apr 162015

This one is broken


00:07 Safety First: being safety conscious, safety should be no concern of government, the rarity of carbon monoxide poisoning, Ontario government imposing costs on homeowners, fire department authority over homeowners, safety and liability, smoke detectors, government creating a risk-free environment, increasing state restrictions, safety first freedom last
14:34 Trade Cap: Kathleen Wynne’s cap-and-trade plan, CO2 emissions, Return of the Primitive, purpose of government, earth currently in an ice-age, climate always changes, immoral motivations behind anti-industrial ideologies, being anti-industrial is being anti-human, nature is harsh and cruel, nature’s harmony with industrialism, Wynne’s cartel creation, a moral issue – not just an economic issue, philosophy of destruction, Freedom Party
30:41 Beauty is in the I of the beholder: beauty is objective, standards of beauty, beauty as society’s highest value, religion’s role in art and architecture, symbolism, beauty as harmony, acquiring artistic tastes
49:30 The art of art: art reflects truth, the purpose and function of art, literal vs interpretation, emotion as a sum of values, emotional reason, art and pleasure, art and religion, art an objectification of metaphysics 1:00:24 END

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