Apr 232015



00:07 Monologue: Hydro One, Privatization of Beer Sales in Ontario, talk show callers, cannabis protests, monologue, monopoly, history repeats itself, history does not repeat itself, capitalism has no history to repeat, technological advances, words and concepts
17:10 Monopoly: Ontario beer sales monopoly, expansion of monopoly, private interests, Hydro One, conversation in a vacuum, essential service myth, monopolies at root of increasing income gap, state capitalism, privatization, public, private, ownership, public ownership
33:45 Culture of Learning – from Charlemagne to Amit Chakma: Western University, Amit Chakma, non-confidence vote, education priorities, attracting international students, Government of Canada’s Global Markets Action Plan, salary contract, fundraising and building international presence, idea of university, Charlemagne
54:29 Going up in smoke: 420 cannabis events, London Victoria Park protesters, frivolous news coverage of cannabis, Marc Emery, not legalizing but ending prohibition 59:19 END

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