Apr 302015



00:07 Amen to secularism: Supreme court decision on prayer, Alain Simoneau, Jean Tremblay, tradition and religion, separation of church and state, Canada as a secular nation, no official religion in Canada, religious history of Canada, Christian heritage, Thomas Jefferson, neutrality of government on religious matters, John Adams, James Madison, religious persecution, atheist government
17:15 State your religion: spirituality and organized religion, tradition, Lord’s Prayer recital, details of Supreme Court decision, state’s duty of religious neutrality, abstaining from prayer, symbolism and prayer
30:50 Fear Factor: fear as a motivator, emotion over reason, future present past, irrational fear vs rational fear, ignorance and superstition, lack of fear, consequences of fear in politics, fear and religion, after life, living with fear
47:50 The only thing we have to fear is…: fear of climate change, fear of majority rule, fear of the future, fear of the self, fear of death, fear of living, fear of freedom 1:01:05 END

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