May 072015



00:07 Prescription for description: symbolism and abstractions, market mechanism, water flow as a market analogy, prescriptive vs descriptive laws, law of supply and demand, law of gravity, natural gravitation, social gravitation, profit and loss, natural vs unnatural
18:55 Smart economy – smart phone: rationing, artificial pricing, economy as best deal for lowest price, technology, smart economy, smart phones, flow of capital and cash
30:25 Traditional Harmonies: social harmony, family, social bonds, fellowship, voluntary co-operation, common culture, changing tradition, force strains social bonds, discomfort and upheaval of change
39:40 Trading Traditions: John Macmurray on traditions, religion as organized shared world views, family, fellowship, capacity for reflection, religion and the fellowship of communion, continuity of culture through time, nature worship and intentionality, shared rituals, common intentions through representation, creating a persistent vision of community, breaking with tradition, traditions maintained by mutual consent, loss of tradition accompanied by loss of knowledge, when traditions fail 57:30 END

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