May 142015

US News Media


00:07 So what’s news? a brief history of Just Right, Jim Chapman, measured truths in media, news, media bias, Alex Epstein, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, experts, advisors, authorities, unacknowledged assumptions, right and wrong, standard of value
19:10 So what’s truth? Gordon Hume’s fundamental truths about a Performing Arts Centre in London: cost overruns-high taxes-subsidies-losses, essential facts vs essential truths, essential truths about morality and government
31:45 Little truth in news: Reading between the lines of news and commentary, little truth in news, getting the facts wrong, FHRITP, Hydro One employee dismissal over ‘f’ word, judging the media on its judgements, Elizabeth May’s ‘f’n vulgar speech, media bias on the side of the Left, Garland Texas shooting, media polarization on blaming shooter responsibility
46:20 Media Polarization: CNN polarizes North American media coverage, MSNBC and FOX, internet changes the media game, fracturing of news reporting, news reporting as political propaganda, denying news bias, values precede moral judgement 58:44 END

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