Aug 062015

Parliament Buildings


00:07 The wrong to vote: voting about anything and everything, Canadian federal election under way, political parties, “who’s” vs “what’s”, politics and war, excuses for not voting, voting as an obligation or a right, blood and democracy
20:12 Screwing up royally: abolishing the monarchy, kingdom and freedom, constitutional monarchy vs royal family, voting reforms, referenda, first-past-the-post, proportional representation, dangers of a ranked ballot, abolishing the Senate,
35:35 Pan the Olympic Games I Am: 2015 Pan Am Games, Toronto 2024 Olympic bid, real reasons for hosting sporting events, conflict between politicians and public, Pan Am Games media negativity, catalysts for infrastructure, a brief history of sport funding losses and scandals
49:55 Harbouring memories of Pearl Harbor: Article 9 of Japan’s post-war Peace Constitution, Japan’s military, Japanese constitution, Japanese parliament votes to circumvent Article 9, Japanese president Shinzo Abe, no referendum, war and politics, Japan as a new player on the world military stage, a just war 59:20 END

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