Aug 132015

Donald Trump


00:07 Keep the change, thanks: Canadian federal leaders’ debate, why Stephen Harper won the debate, political change, superficial media reaction, given alternatives
17:55 Last past the post: Canadian federal leaders’ debate, electoral reform, engaging youth, elected dictatorship, representation, Quebec separatism, poverty, climate change, social justice, group rights, the function of political parties, first-past-the-post,
37:05 Trump trumps would-be trumpers: US Republican debate, Donald Trump, ridiculing Trump, war on women, Trump leads in polls
49:10 Trump card: US Republican debate, Donald Trump, Obamacare, single-payer health care, welfare vs welfare state, campaign donations as bribes, abortion, pro-life, Trump’s tone, running independently, Trump as a Republican problem
1:00:43 END

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