Aug 272015

Andy Janson


00:07 Hydrogen bombed: hydrogen as fuel, hydrogen storage device, fears of hydrogen, water as fuel, OPG’s plan to bury nuclear waste, Deep Geologic Depository, introducing uranium
16:05 Nuclear wasted: from uranium to lead, disposing nuclear waste – identifying the problem, nuclear submarine storage, nuclear reactors being built around the world
28:35 Nuclear new clear vision: new proposals for eliminating nuclear waste, ASAT (anti-satellite), one way trip to the sun, Fulton device, Gerald Bull, Thunder Well, hypersonic shock wave, an irrational one hundred thousand year contract
44:10 An elevating future: uranium’s future potential, nuclear waste as fuel, liquid fluoride salt, irrational nuclear waste burial expectations, space elevator, financing the true disposal of nuclear waste 57:48 END

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