Sep 032015

Hong Kong Monopoly


00:07 Slaves to slavery: economic slavery, debt as slavery, work and life as slavery, the two grand choices for production – capitalism or slavery, where life offers no choices, why natural obligations are not slavery,
18:50 Not why capitalism works: George Gilder on capitalism’s secret – altruism, refuting Gilder’s case, needs of others, greed as immediate consumption, capitalist entrepreneurs, voluntarism, hope of civilization, moral code, conditions of capitalism
34:45 Cab fair: Orest Katolyk – London bylaw enforcement, taxi monopoly, Uber charges, gild socialism, issue distractions Uber alles, technology apps, city’s protection racket, Roger Caranci, limit on number of taxi licenses, so what’s a monopoly, fixed pie economy theories behind taxi monopoly
45:00 Monopoly’s monopoly on monopoly: 80th anniversary of Monopoly – the game, Monopoly is not about capitalism, capitalists vs capitalism, a brief history of Monopoly the board game, Anti-Monopoly the board game, how Monopoly helped WWII prisoners in Germany, Sept 2015 monopoly tournament in Macau China 57:33 END

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