Feb 252016

Black and White

00:03 Blacked-out history: Black History Month, London Ontario cited as racist community, history as experiences of racism – not liberation, diversity hiring in city hall, legislating racial mirroring, white power groups are on the left, Ontario’s anti-racism directorate, celebrating enslavement – not freedom, essential history
20:45 Run run from the N-word: why the N-word is different from other racial and cultural slurs, the ‘N’ stamp of determinism, colours do not have histories, London Ontario’s Meeting Tree, capitalism freed the slaves, the welfare state as cultural slavery
38:15 At ease – with fear: fear as the mind killer, promotion of fear, fear for attention, at ease with fear during WW2, Chuck Lorre’s vanity card about fear, attention as a commodity, worthy of fear, list of latest fears, unreal fears and lies
54:05 Ignoring the ignorance: failure of the teaching profession, imparting ignorance instead of knowledge, the dominance of fear in reason’s absence 59:42 END

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