Mar 032016

White Slave

00:15 Capitalism or slavery: capitalism vs slavery, freedom, savagery, born consumers, demands of production, political drift towards slavery, Thomas Sowell on the reality of slavery’s history
20:15 History’s unique event – the rise of capitalism: capitalism gone off the rails, feedback on capitalism, capitalism as the objective – not a means to something else, capitalists vs capitalism, profits, prices, losses, life without effort, capitalism as the ideal moral condition
43:10 A majority for slavery: voting does change things, getting government to act in the best interest of the people, voting for things you’re against, political parties as the source for change, government as force, the immorality of slavery, the immorality of forced collectivism
52:20 Rationalizing rationing: rationed health care – dead patients, intolerable conditions of Ontario’s socialized hospital care 59:42 END

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