May 102018

Lindsay Shepherd, Gad Saad, David Haskell, Rick Mehta

As learning institutions, universities were once considered to be the environment where a diversity of ideas was both encouraged and tolerated. Today, that diversity of ideas and opinion has been abandoned in favor of a ‘diversity’ of racial, sexual, and cultural ‘identities’ that make the discovery of reality almost impossible.

Just ask Lindsay Shepherd, Gad Saad, David Haskell, and Rick Mehta, each a member of Canada’s academic university community who attended last weekend’s Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS) annual General meeting.

As our guests on today’s show, you will learn how each has been outspoken against the climate of fear and censorship that has become so ingrained in campus culture. Each is an advocate of free speech and a free exchange of ideas. Each has achieved a level of notoriety because of challenges by, and to, the ‘politically correct’ forces on their campuses.

Each is empowered by debate and knows that their opponents are weakened by debate. Whatever their views on ‘left’ or ‘right,’ they all recognize that it is views pointing in the right direction that are most under attack on university campuses.

Unavoidable in every controversy, as always, is the polarity between Left and Right. Also unavoidable is the conclusion that when it comes to freedom of speech, those who defend it are always Just Right.

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