May 172018

Modern Times

Rage against the political machine all you want, but as long as every gear in that machine turns leftward, the option of shifting gears in the right direction simply doesn’t exist. With few exceptions, that’s the reality in Ontario politics today – particularly now that the June 7 general election is underway.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government certainly deserves all of the criticism it is getting – and more. But simply ridding the province of Kathleen Wynne will do little to help alleviate the chronic shortage of doctors and hospital beds, or reduce the unprecedented cost of electricity, nor address the dramatically increasing poverty and drug addiction rates.

Considered Wynne’s leading opponent is Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford, hailed by many as the man to rescue Ontario. Unfortunately for Ford, he is ‘progressively’ being found to be far more of a ‘progressive’ than a ‘conservative’ – a circumstance that has found many traditional Conservative supporters in a quandary about how to justify their vote.

Meanwhile, Ontario’s New Democratic Party under Andrea Horwath is rising in the polls, and if current polling is consistent on any single point, it is that ridding Ontario of Wynne and her majority government already appears to be a fait accompli. If so, that means most Ontario voters are now picking between PC or NDP.

If the reason for voting is simply to get rid of Wynne and her government, then enough people voting for either PC or NDP will do the job. But if the goal is to create a better life in Ontario, then one’s vote cast in this direction will have been not just wasted, but detrimental.

Based on both what all three party leaders are saying today and on the clear history of their parties, whether it is a Liberal, PC, or NDP government that is elected, it makes no difference to the inevitable direction in which Ontario will move – ever Leftward. All three parties and their leaders are falling over themselves in a drunken frenzy trying to outspend the other – literally buying votes with the voters’ own money. From ideology to policy, it is impossible to tell them apart.

Those finding themselves in a quandary with having to choose a ‘lesser evil’ when voting, should remember that by their own admission, ‘evil’ is still what is being chosen.

There simply has to be another option – and fortunately there is.

Perhaps it’s time that more voters adopt the courage of their convictions and consider choosing an option that is Just Right.

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