Jun 032018

When Jordan Peterson recently appeared on BBC and was asked: “Do you think a trans-woman is a real woman?” that very question contained an epistemological error that begs a more fundamental question: What is wrong with the person asking this?

Are there actually fully-grown adults who still cannot identify the essential difference between the sexes? Do they actually host BBC news programs?

To ask whether a man is a man or a woman is a woman – based on criteria beyond the physical characteristics that strictly determine such identity – reflects a complete detachment from reality.

‘Identity’ is determined by the physical. Indeed, as Robert and Danielle point out in this discussion of ‘gender identity,’ the very concept of existence itself is valid only in terms of the physical things that exist. Some ‘thing’ has to exist before existence can be confirmed. So too, with sex and gender.

The challenge is to properly identify the thing that exists, and in philosophy, this discipline falls under the Law Of Identity.

When those on the Left attempt to ignore the Law of Identity with their ‘gender bending’ anti-concepts, what they’re really attempting to ‘bend’ is truth and reality.

As Danielle observes, sex and gender identities (not feelings) are strictly binary: there are only two choices. Sort of like the difference between simply being wrong, or Just Right.

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  1. Excellent! No extras. No prolonging, just right to the point. The law of identity – is.

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