Jun 072018

Safe Injection Sites

Since last joining us on Just Right, Amir Farahi of the London Institute has become the Chair of London’s Transportation Committee, been appointed to the Municipal Advisory Committee for Rapid Transit, and has become project manager of a $20 million development plan called Venture London.

Over the same period, Amir’s views have become less accessible to the London community. He no longer appears on the weekly Wednesday CJBKam1290 round-table with Ken Eastwood and Lisa Brandt or on Andy Oudman’s Live Drive, which has been dropped by the same station. And because of the recent folding of a London community newspaper, Our London, Amir’s regular and insightful columns about municipal issues are also no longer available there.

So it should be no surprise that Amir now plans to provide a fresh media platform for people who have “lost the opportunity to be a voice for reason” in the London community. Stay tuned for further developments on this front as we delve into the controversies that have driven all of these changes and developments.

As examples of the municipal themes Amir is now dealing with in an official capacity are those discussed on today’s show: the traffic problem, the drug problem and the political problem – issues facing municipalities everywhere.

From London’s irritating ‘traffic calming’ measures, to its destructive ‘drug injection sites’ and the city’s growing ‘poverty industry,’ Amir offers some facts and tells the stories you simply will not see or hear about anywhere else. It’s not a pretty picture as the city increasingly suffers from a self-imposed blight that, as defined by Funk and Wagnalls, “withers hopes, destroys prospects, or impairs growth.”

Amir is now offering the City of London, not a temporary ‘injection fix,’ but a remedy to London’s blight. He’s injecting a site of a different nature into the heart of the city: a $20 million ‘job injection’ site to be called Venture London (inside the old London Free Press building on York Street). No government funds involved.

Those are just a few of the discoveries you’ll make as Amir injects yet another perspective into our conversation about city life that’s Just Right.

  2 Responses to “559 – Guest: Amir Farahi – City Blights”

  1. This is a great topic and discussion. In London we never hear the term of either Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, which is the Governmental roll-out of Agenda 21. All levels of Government are really working for the U.N. and the Rothchilds. This is how the money flows through the Government Agencies to indebt its people and future generations. The terms renewable, resilient cities, sustainable development, green space… etc…etc… are just catch phrases to entice the minds of the people and hoodwink them into thinking positive about the future takeover.

    I am now semi-retired and would like to get more involved into the direction of our children’s city. I understand the direction London is taking and I hate it, I know where it plans to get us and I for one would like to eradicate their endgame…!

    All 3 of you guys Keep Up the Great Work…!

  2. Thank you Ray.

    For more on Agenda 21 here is the talk Christopher Monckton gave while in London back in 2012:


    And here he is as a guest on our show with Professor Christopher Essex:


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