Jun 102018

Tommy Robinson, best known for his public opposition to the ‘Islamification’ of Britain and for exposing ‘industrial-scale child sex rings’ highlighted in British court cases, has himself once again become the focal point and symbol of Britain’s rapid descent into a police state.

The established and uncontested facts surrounding Robinson’s arrest are clearly unconscionable acts undertaken by utterly corrupt officials.

It is as if Britain had lost the Second World War and was operating under the principles of the government with which it was at war. Many recoil at such comparisons, considering them extreme. But just what does a ‘police state’ look like?

On the surface, generally no different than our own neighbourhoods, note Danielle and Robert in their mutual lament about what has happened to Britain. It is only when one attempts to speak publicly, enter a profession or business monopolized by crony politicians, or attempts to exercise a right to one’s own life liberty and property in a manner not approved by the state, that the reality of the police state really becomes ‘visible.’

Just ask Tommy Robinson.

It’s not Tommy Robinson who should be sitting in a jail today; it is his jailers. Only when that happens will we be able to say anything about the Tommy Robinson affair that’s Just Right.

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