407 – It’s all Greek to me

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Jul 022015

Jason and the Argonauts


00:07 It’s all Greek to me – from philosophy to crisis: Greece’s debt default, Greek referendum, issues in bailout deal
14:10 Shared roots, different branches – Europeans and the Greeks: Ancient Greece, discovery of philosophy, slavery, history of Europe’s relationship with Greece, Greece’s options, symbolism of inclusion, psychological issues
27:00 Greece’s unhealthy health care philosophy: Greece as a bad example to the rest of the world, Greek health care crisis, Greek prescription drug crisis, Greek currency crisis, no European recovers, beware of Italy
45:40 The Greek gods – religiously secular: Greek mythology and legends, separation of the heavens and earth, not religion but a story, Jason and the Argonauts (2000), the Greek gods, reason as the weapon to resist the gods
59:51 END

321 – Star Trek: Kahn game / Fall TV lineup / Where The Heart Is

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Oct 112013

Where the Heart is


00:07 Kahn Game – Star Trek’s Parallel Uni Verse: Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), a Star Trek reincarnation, casting, Wrath of Kahn Two?, parallel themes, searching for the romantic Star Trek; [11:05] 2013 new TV show review: poor casting in Agent of SHIELD, looking for heroes, two thumbs up for The Crazy Ones, Robin Williams’ reputation is his challenge, beef with McDonald’s
17:10 Your Fall Season TV Guys: TV show review: no to The Goldbergs’ narration style, Mom’s edgy humour, Dads with Seth Green and Martin Mull, Super Fun Night’s zany chemistry works, campy Atlantis with Greek gods and minotaurs, Hello Ladies funny, Witches of East End worth a look, Sleepy Hollow enjoyable
29:40 Capitalism Is Where The Art Is: Movie Review: Where The Heart Is (1990), a celebration of art and capitalism, profit and loss, adversity and failure, art, beauty, plot overview, Roger Ebert’s 1.5 out of 4 unreasonable criticism of reasonable characters, romantic art, light and truth
53:21 End Program: TV cancellations, sudden endings to favourite TV shows, binge watching in self defense, time invested in Under the Dome, Lucky Seven cancelled, two (what?s) up for Masters of Sex, writers ‘ strike block: Moonlight, Drive, Eastwick, Invasion, Back To You 1:00:02 END


305 – Fracking Gasland / Words to live or die by, honestly

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Jun 202013

Fire Water


02:40 Fracking Environmentalists! blipverts, fiction as documentary, Gasland, Josh Fox, hydraulic fracturing, fracking, FrackNation, water on fire, Phelim McAleer, government regulations, private property rights
12:06 Oil’s Well That Ends Well: Gasland vs FrackNation, speculation, water chemicals, motivation, the real story, Leni Riesenstahl, Triumph Of The Will, Cinéma vérité, arrogance and snobbery, emotion instead of truth or fact, Gasland Oscar nominations, oil, pollution, environmentalism, private property
32:22 Words To Live Or Die By: trust, politics of I, morality of we, David Brooks, individualism, demoralization, words and phrases, communal words, individualistic words, moral terms, courage words, bravery, social science terms, governmentalization, moral awareness, moral culture, Briar MacLean, hero, cultural vocabulary
45:30 Trust Me – I’m Honest: fink, my generation, four horsemen, truth, beauty, honour (honor), verities, right and wrong, social metaphysics, definitions, honest people, reality the common denominator, reality check, fact, truth, honesty, lying, intellectual honesty, taking ideas seriously, selfish virtue, when lying is the honest thing to do, knowledge and choice, false guilt, law of identity 59:28 END

246 – Charter 30 years later, civilization’s end, a smorgasbord of tidbits

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Apr 192012

246 - Charter 168x100


Canada’s Charter Of Rights And Freedoms – 30 Years Later
Civilization And The Creative Mind / Witnessing The Loss Of Civilization In The West
Local Motives On Locomotives / Sane, Not Sorry / Happiness – A Moral Obligation?
Re-animating The Tintin Story / Free Speech On Campus / Ontario’s Electrifying Strategy

Mar 152012

241 - Monckton-Essex - 168x100


GUEST: The Rt Hon Christopher Monckton, autodidactic mathematician, game designer, architect, journalist, politician, skeptic
GUEST: Professor Christopher Essex, Dept of Applied Mathematics and Past Director, Theoretical Physics, UWO; Co-Author of Taken By Storm

Global warming – has all the hot air dissipated?
Advising Margaret Thatcher – changing the views of The Iron Lady
From SudoKu X to the puzzle that is Lord Monckton
The Courtier’s Conundrum – the intersect of science and politics