481 – Trudeaumaniac / Reality check

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Dec 012016

Justin Trudeau in the arms of Fidel Castro

With his father Pierre, it was Trudeaumania. With Justin, it’s more like Trudeaumaniac. On the heels of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro‘s death, Canada’s Prime Minister made that extra effort to show the world that he is in serious need of a reality check. Like father, like son?

From the implications of Justin Trudeau’s admiration for dictatorships and dictators, to his penchant for “proportional representation,” these are signals that should alarm any freedom-minded nations and individuals.

Here is the statement by the Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, on the death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro issued from Antananarivo, Madagascar, November 26, 2016:

It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.

“Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation. Continue reading »

Sep 292016

Justin Trudeau

In his September 20 address to the United Nations General Assembly, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed perversely fixated on something he called “diversity.”

As Canada’s representative before the U.N., the picture he painted of his country was not a flattering one. In Canada, explained Trudeau, people his own age “find it tough to make ends meet, even when working full time.

“Young Canadians,” he continued, “told me they couldn’t get a job because they don’t have work experience, and they don’t have work experience because they don’t have a job.”

Then as if describing some uncivilized corner of the world, Trudeau announced that “Women and girls still face inequality in the workplace and violence – just because they are women – even in a progressive country like Canada.” Just for good measure, Trudeau made a point of mentioning “the shamefully continuing marginalization of Canada’s indigenous peoples.”

With the balance of his message focused on opening Canada’s doors to the world’s refugees Trudeau then turned his attention to the “anxiety” caused by his government’s ‘diversity’ policies. “Our leaders are faced with citizens’ anxiety.” In order to allay the anxiety “we need to create economic growth that is broadly shared. Continue reading »

471 – The death cult of the Left / Feminism’s pole dance

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Sep 222016

pole dancer

Are some people happy to be sad? There appears to be much evidence that this is so. Sadly, misery loves company.

Sadder still, today’s political trend is one that will soon provide more company for misery. Misery also loves the left.

The political pursuit of misery is a reality and comes in many forms. Misery is delivered with the fulfilled promises of socialism, communism, fascism, progressivism, theocracy, anarchy, fighting climate change, and other something-for-nothing fantasies sold as political ideals.

Of course, what’s really being pursued by those doing the ‘pursuing’ is power; misery is merely the price suffered by the body politic for that pursuit.

The trail of sadness left in the wake of these false ideologies permeates the cultures and the minds of the individuals who both willingly and unwillingly become its victims. From hope to hopelessness, from meaningful purpose to meaninglessness, and from prosperity to mere subsistence and existence, the direction of our current political trends is not even denied by those who advocate them. Continue reading »

461 – Black racism matters / Racism’s white noise

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Jul 142016

Muslim on Muslim

So how come only white people are generally portrayed as racist? The answer’s becoming clear: Because the mainstream media has been irresponsibly promoting the scripted narrative of political groups dedicated to that racist narrative. So honky if you’re white – because you’re a racist.

Of course, it’s a ridiculous and false perspective. But you might be surprised how many people believe it – and why.

Two stories, one theme: (1) the racist shootings of white police officers in Dallas Texas at a Black Lives Matter protest; (2) the racist accusations made as a consequence of a physical altercation between two Muslim women in London Ontario. The one theme: Even though innocent, only white people were the targets of both.

White people, apparently, are the problem.

On today’s Just Right, tune in to hear that narrative blown back into the world of reality.
Reality is not a place where the left likes to be, so it remains in denial of that reality and continues to push and promote its own very unreal irrational hatreds. Continue reading »

Jun 092016


00:03 Insufficiently efficient: philosophy as the search for truth, the valid philosophy, Peter Epp’s insufficiency about efficiency, milk marketing boards, supply management vs supply and demand, Alan Slaven’s astronomical support for Ontario’s natural gas ban, economic arguments replacing moral considerations
19:40 The idea that Ideas Matter: lying and politics, no opting out of politics, the conviction that ideas matter – and its consequences, Ayn Rand’s ‘inexplicable personal alchemy’, do not sanction the jailers of the mind and of freedom, certainty of truth
32:15 From agreement to $upport: moving from ideas to action, fighting the fifth columnist minority, identifying the left, funding the enemy, witness to government waste
45:20 Your help needed: how to fight back – give money, Bob Metz, Freedom Party of Ontario, Just Right, making time to support freedom, political warning: “they’re going to kill you”, putting your money where our mouth is, financially supporting Just Right and its journey in the right direction 59:42 END

449 – Identity Crisis

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Apr 212016

Politica Map


00:03 Teachers struck: feedback from Michael, blaming teachers for failing to teach reason, recognizing the good teachers, qualifying remarks, some teachers deserve to be bashed, praising the educators who earn it
11:50 Law of nations: national identity, nations as systems of law, changing national borders throughout history, cause of national identity crisis, secular laws vs theocratic laws, Donald Trump on national identity, borders are essential
26:20 Justin Trudeau’s mob Rule: democracy under attack by democrats, Liberal Party of Canada – the party with no memberships, Trudeau breaking Liberal tradition, Liberal movement – not party
43:35 Democratic myths and misses: Goldwin Emerson’s humanist democracy, the meaning of democracy, the meaning of majority rule, the meaning of people rule, voting myths and voting truths, role of political parties, the meaning of democratic equality, the human factor – reason 59:42 END

434 – Guests: Salim Mansur, John Thompson, Paul McKeever – 2016 forecast?… Cultural nihilism

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Jan 072016


00:03 No great expectations: speculating on 2016 and beyond, 2013 Bill Whittle commentary
06:50 Expectation disintegration: promoting despair and malaise about the future, longing for a garden of Eden, human infallibility, the no hope philosophy, cultural nihilism, post-modernist culture, political narcissism, political trends, time to revolt against political correctness, distinguishing between society and the individual, achievements of past generations, teaching history as a continuum, deconstruction of values, cultural decontextualization, information – knowledge – wisdom, cultural stories, the cult of envy, destroying values to destroy differences, hatred of the good for being the good, tolerance of intolerance
31:45 Cultural fragmentation: Justin Trudeau, lost capacity to make reasonable judgements, Liberal Party platform, Trudeau as Canada’s hollow man, Trudeau the counter-intellectual, spirit of the times, one world government agenda, nation state concepts, using environmentalism as the means to defeat capitalism, defending or defeating human nature, multi-culturalism is the immigration crisis, cultural fragmentation
53:30 Our cause – freedom: personal-cultural-societal values, necessity of values for a freedom culture, values create Western culture 57:07 END — Promo to 59:42