687 – The Great Awakening versus the Great Reset

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Dec 312020

With two conflicting COVID-19 narratives squaring off against each other in an information war, a new polarity is emerging: a ‘Great Awakening’ versus the ‘Great Reset.’

Increasingly more people are awaking to the reality that a false viral pandemic has been intentionally exploited as a propaganda weapon to promote the ‘Great Reset.’ Unfortunately, too many still exist in a zombie like trance induced by a hypnotically repetitive ‘mainstream’ narrative insisting that the viral pandemic is real, thus justifying all the lockdowns and controls.

This represents a direct threat to everyone’s freedom and begs the question: Is it possible to generate a ‘great awakening’ among those behaving like zombies?

Being confronted with evidence that completely shatters one’s understanding of a given situation often causes a condition called ‘cognitive dissonance.’ Thus, even though many have come to accept that the mainstream narrative about COVID is false, they nevertheless continue to comply or be agents of that narrative. Continue reading »

402 – The greater divide / The political god particle

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May 282015

mobius politics


00:07 The Greater Divide: conservatism vs freedom, comparative views – conservative – liberal – freedom, The Great Divide – Bill Gairdner, personal vs public, concept of self, individual vs group, Salim Mansur, individual sovereignty
20:45 Tyrannical democracy: freedom and rights, choice, freedom – democracy – totalitarianism, voting, majority rule, social freedom conflicting rights, democratic cycle
34:50 Definitions please: the problem with adjectives, comparative definitions, conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism
45:08 The political god particle: subjective views of god, supreme being, atheism and morality, floating political abstractions cause confusion and harm 56:49 END

401 – Guest: William Gairdner – Author of The Great Divide

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May 212015

William Gairdner


00:07 The Great Divide: clash between ideological forces, what’s beneath the surface, why liberals and conservatives will never agree, ideas vs politics, modern liberals vs classic liberalism, human nature, change agents, perfection, party politics, virtue liberals, individualism, equality liberals, from liberty to equality, sexual freedom, libertarian socialism
18:55 Feeling blue about red: theory vs practice, Liberal and Conservative contradictions, prostitution politics, politician vs statesman, more democracy but less freedom, concept of the self, self discipline vs self gratification, self-esteem, duty, we world vs me world, choice vs the common good, pornography, freedom not a good in itself
31:00 The great deviation: freedom as a guarantee of rights, freedom vs choice, the six freedoms, social beings, freedom as power, tyranny and democracy go hand-in-hand, the great deviation, society’s rights vs individual rights, libertarian position, the harm principle, individualism and the non-aggression principle, duties and obligations, conceptions of democracy, society and the next generations, rights – objective and subjective
44:45 Conceit in the moral arena: freedom guaranteed by restraint, libertarian conservatives, social conservatives, fiscal conservative, individual vs social freedom, views on morality, morality as a language, principles and facts before debate, an increasingly closed society, eternal discussion and debate, Canada-US divide, Obama is America’s Trudeau, conceits

233 – When to let slip the dogs of war

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Jan 192012

Ronald Reagan


Talk About Just Right – Your Feedback, Limericks, Suggestions
First Strike As Retaliation
Trigger Happy – Knowing When To Take The Military Offensive
Do You Mind? Or Does That Not Compute?

Post Script: The comments made about Fred Rogers turned out to be an urban myth. We should have verified the story first.

232 – Guest: Bosch Fawstin – Graphic Novelist

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Jan 122012

Bosch Fawstin - Pigman


GUEST: Bosch Fawstin: Graphic Artist, Critic Of Islam
Graphic Novels About A Graphic Subject: Islam
From Comic Books To Graphic Novels – Dealing With The Resistance
Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy: Foreign To Reason?
Culture’s Catalysts For Change – Truth, Emotion, Art