416 – Slavery / Capitalism explained… again / Über socialist / Monopoly’s monopoly on monopoly

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Sep 032015

Hong Kong Monopoly


00:07 Slaves to slavery: economic slavery, debt as slavery, work and life as slavery, the two grand choices for production – capitalism or slavery, where life offers no choices, why natural obligations are not slavery,
18:50 Not why capitalism works: George Gilder on capitalism’s secret – altruism, refuting Gilder’s case, needs of others, greed as immediate consumption, capitalist entrepreneurs, voluntarism, hope of civilization, moral code, conditions of capitalism
34:45 Cab fair: Orest Katolyk – London bylaw enforcement, taxi monopoly, Uber charges, gild socialism, issue distractions Uber alles, technology apps, city’s protection racket, Roger Caranci, limit on number of taxi licenses, so what’s a monopoly, fixed pie economy theories behind taxi monopoly
45:00 Monopoly’s monopoly on monopoly: 80th anniversary of Monopoly – the game, Monopoly is not about capitalism, capitalists vs capitalism, a brief history of Monopoly the board game, Anti-Monopoly the board game, how Monopoly helped WWII prisoners in Germany, Sept 2015 monopoly tournament in Macau China 57:33 END

405 – Just Right Media / Idea-illogical / Patrick ideological Brownout

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Jun 182015

Patrick Brown


00:07 Greater than the sum: Just Right updates, audio productions, video productions, plans for print productions
16:45 Blurring the debate with meaningless concepts: participatory democracy, monopolies, London municipal strike, teachers strike, Canada Post super mailboxes, business and labour monpolies, competition, clear meanings, predictable consequences
27:20 Putting people first is idea-illogical: putting people before ideology, ideology, floating adjectives and abstractions
35:15 Patrick’s ideological Brownout: Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown, Christine Elliott, pragmatism, progressive, conservative, fiscal conservatism, compassionate conservatism, Bill Davis, David Peterson, anti-capitalists, avoiding ideological labels, moving the conversation forward 57:02 END

Oct 302014

Russell Brand


00:07 Party politics – parting politicians: London municipal election results, the Fontana Ate, Fontana’s council not dysfunctional, socialists are dysfunctional, zero percent tax increase promise, the power of a repeated lie, legal theft vs illegal theft, election signs, door-knocking, voter turnover between elections, the media agenda, defacto political party, party politics in municipal elections, predicting a boring council
16:30 Change please: London municipal election results, change but little difference, Toronto election, right and left, consensus and debate, Ontario Ombudsman says democracy unfolding, forcing people to vote, voting as a duty or a right, freedom of religion
30:05 Islamists Branded mental: Russell Brand’s tirade against Stephen Harper, Ottawa terrorist link to ISIS inescapable, religious motivation or mental illness, insensitivity of Russell Brand, Russell Brand’s brand of politics, Brand promotes destruction and anarchy, True News is distorted news
49:05 Just right copyright: Political parties and news copyright, Conservative government’s omnibus bill, CTV News protests, no copyright in news, radio and TV advertising, democratic freedom 56:30 END

372 – London’s sElectors / Middle class muddle / Poverty trapped

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Oct 162014

Beverly Hillbillies


00:07 London’s sElectors: a progressive agenda is a spending agenda, a worrying election, a divided council, debate, progressive interests driving the electors candidate options, Kingsmills, political connections – naming the groups and individuals pushing their agendas, Emerging Leaders, Urban League, Women and Politics, Citizen Core, Pillar Non-Profit Network, Fanshawe College Foundation, London Economic Development Corporation, candidate connections, candidate debate sponsors
15:05 Middle class muddle: Aristotle, democracy, middle class, Justin Trudeau says middle class is disintegrating, Canada vs US middle class, middle class as an election issue, clashing definitions, changing attitudes on the middle class, somewhere between rich and poor, government class
30:20 Poverty Trapped: Poverty Trapped: poverty, London-Middlesex Housing Corporation, Joan Ball, no specifics, public-private partnerships, waiting lists, Paul Cheng, no solutions, jobs, unemployment
44:20 Poverty plans – a poverty of solutions: Poverty plans – a poverty of solutions: poverty, social housing, no incentive to work, community strategies, governments in debt, welfare, minimum wages, universality, central planning, personal income tax, housing 56:22 END

371 – MuniciPALS – Partners in politics / Experimenting with socialism / Mayoral candidate review

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Oct 092014



00:07 MuniciPALS – Partners in Politics: Kingsmills-Fanshawe deal, Mayor’s Joni Baechler’s case for the Kingsmills deal, consensus over sense, actual costs of deal approaching $16 million, comparison shopping, LBDA running a deficit but promising millions, misleading the public to get results, city councils not qualified to get into venture capital market, the net new students argument, escalating costs, city debt over $400 billion, interest $66 million per year, no new students – just new taxes
13:05 Hong Kong democracy – in London Ontario? mayoral election, unbalanced media coverage of election, the chosen ones, pre-chosen candidates reveal the hidden agenda of lobbyists, losing the right to choose the citizens’ candidate, voter dis-interest and apathy, preventing an informed electorate, no democratic debate, the Pillar mayoral debate, invitation to not participate, revitalizing downtown
25:33 It’s no ‘experiment’ – Socialism: revitalizing down town, Paul Van Meerbergen, unproven socialist experiments, socialism, fascism, role of property, central planning, communism, capitalism, control, public-private partnerships, competing interests
41:10 London mayoral candidate review – top five picks: Matt Brown, Roger Caranci, Paul Cheng, Arnon Kaplanski, Joe Swan 55:53 END

370 – State of destruction / The Empire’s new clothes / Mixing business and politics

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Oct 022014

The Emperor's New Clothes


00:07 State of destruction: Benjamin Netanyahu, Islamic state of Iran, ISIS, United Nations Human Rights Council, nuclear war potential, civilian human shields, civilian targets, civilians in Gaza elected Hamas, Israel’s right to self defence, civilians not innocent, Second World War, Germany and Japan, doing what’s necessary to win, overthrow the civilian population
17:53 Liberally democratic: doing the job, all’s fair in love and war, fools in politics, disintegration of liberal democracy, growth of government jurisdiction, hating democracy, political spectrum, moral spectrum, voting is not democracy, voting is not consent, voter denial and pretense, living memory
30:00 The Empires Wear No Clothes: The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Hans Christian Andersen, ideal society, participating in a lie, socialism and democracy are incompatible, government is not a business, government is not a social charity, what is governed is force, theocracy, liberal democracy
48:50 Strange Brew? Mixing business with politics: using business to campaign for political candidates, potential intimidation, business risks involved in getting involved in politics, business interests vs private interests vs the public interest, public trust 59:34 END

368 – Municipal politics / United Nations: Collectivism’s global voice

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Sep 182014

United Nations


00:07 Yes, but he can’t win:
London municipal election, can’t get elected, expanded candidate base for municipal elections, creating an informed electorate, choosing the right candidate, voter fear of change, media calls the shots, opinion polls move the media, London Free Press candidate coverage
15:30 Municipal politics – replacing the rules with opinions: Ontario Ombudsman and Billy Ts, Professor Andrew Sancton, Fanshawe College – Kingsmills scandal, Janette MacDonald, Downtown London, BIA expansion into Richmond Row, BIA million dollar gift to Fanshawe College, defining and measuring success, how Budweiser Gardens drains millions of dollars out of London
32:20 BIA agenda – out of bounds: Janette MacDonald, Downtown London, BIA expansion into Richmond Row, BIAs are not merchant associations, BIAs are funded by taxpayers, selling the lie about BIAs, BIAs are a burden on all
43:35 The United Nations – Collectivism’s global voice: United Nations (UN), Russia’s invasion of Georgia, UN becoming irrelevant, United Nations degeneration of purpose – from goal of peacekeeper to becoming a world government, climate change, bio fuel instead of food, planned consequence, UN proposal to ban e-cigarettes, UN created for world peace – not world government 57:46 END