The Danielle Metz Show – 008 – The ins and outs of Harvey Weinstein

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Jan 072018

Harvey Weinstein

Once you have a phenomenon like the “Weinstein Effect” named after you, it’s pretty obvious that the phenomenon itself is not about you. It’s about a pattern, in this case a social pattern exhibiting itself in the society of the rich and famous. Even Donald Trump is being accused of suffering from the Weinstein effect.

As described by Wikipedia: “The Weinstein effect is a global trend in which people come forward to accuse famous or powerful people, mostly men, of sexual misconduct. The term came into use to describe a worldwide wave of these allegations that began in the United States in October 2017, when media outlets reported on numerous sexual abuse allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein. Described as a ‘tipping point’ or ‘watershed moment’, it precipitated a ‘national reckoning’ against sexual harassment. USA Today wrote that 2017 was the year in which ‘sexual harassment became a fireable offense’.”

What makes many of the sex scandal stories surfacing in the media suspicious are many of the other factors at play that get no air play.

Most significantly, since when are “sexual assault,” “inappropriate behavior,” “misconduct” and “rape” all considered equally serious? These are extraordinarily different acts, and the failure to distinguish clearly between has many negative consequences. Continue reading »

The Danielle Metz Show – 001 – The feminization of education

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Nov 182017

We don't need no patriarchal education

Introducing THE DANIELLE METZ SHOW: First previewed to listeners of Just Right on October 26, we are pleased to announce the official launch of the Danielle Metz Show, now available on line through Just Right Media.

Danielle’s conversations with co-host Robert Vaughan offer listeners a quick and casual exchange of ideas about some single issue or concern of the day. And as always, it’s not right wing; it’s Just Right!

THE FEMINIZATION OF EDUCATION: As a mother of three, with one in high school and two in kindergarten, it should not be surprising that Danielle has kicked off her new series of commentaries with a discussion of education, and about what she sees happening with her kids in Ontario’s school system.

The feminization of our public schools has fostered a culture that vilifies masculinity, suggests Danielle, after observing what her own kids have been exposed to in Ontario’s education curriculum. The “feminized education environment” in Ontario today regards boys as dysfunctional girls who need to be cured of their undesirable masculine traits.

Is there systemic sexism in Ontario’s school boards? Has the feminization of public education contributed to some of society’s worst social ills?

Those are just a few of the questions tossed back and forth between Danielle and co-host Robert Vaughan in this unique exchange of issues and ideas that, as always, promises to be Just Right!

530 – The dismissal of consent – From prostitution to immigration

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Nov 092017


When people of “like minds” find themselves opposed to each other on certain specific issues, there is usually a fundamental principle or concept either missing from the debate or being misrepresented / misunderstood.

Recently, two seemingly unrelated issues have offered evidence of this epistemological dilemma: (1) prostitution, and (2) immigration.

On the prostitution front, the recent murder of sex worker Josie Glenn in London, Ontario, has renewed the local debate about prostitution and the sex trade. On one side of the debate are anti-sex feminists, as represented by Megan Walker of the London Abused Women’s Center. On the other side are pro-sex feminists as well as the women who work as sex workers (as represented by Safe Space).

Is prostitution best defined simply as “sex for money” or as something that is “intrinsically violent”? Are these views of prostitution contradictory or are they simply differing perspectives on the same activity? It’s an unusual divide: feminist against feminist; women against women. Continue reading »

529 – Guest: Salim Mansur – Hugh Hefner and the Playboy legacy

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Nov 022017

Hugh Hefner

With the passing of Playboy founder and icon Hugh Hefner on September 27 at age 91, subsequent discussions about his legacy and the influence that Playboy continues to have today have been disappointingly reduced to a feminist debate about whether Hefner was a “liberator” or an “oppressor”.

In stark contrast to the myopic discussions of sex usually heard in such a restricted context, our in-studio guest Salim Mansur brings a breath of fresh air to yet another discussion considered politically incorrect: the celebration of sex between men and women.

Says Salim:

Just as Freud pointed out, ultimately everything boils down to sex. The whole of life throughout history is ultimately about the primordial basic relationship between a male and a female. Out of that relationship comes great art, great music, great painting – and out of it also comes the dirtiest violence, misogyny, abuse, excesses. That’s life.”

Continue reading »

516 – Intentional omissions of truth

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Aug 032017

Bill Cosby

What do Bill Cosby and Donald Trump have in common? More than you might think.

One thing they have in common is the way in which the “establishment media” has been delivering the narrative on each of these two individuals’ on-going public stories.

The other thing they have in common is that both Trump and Cosby are under attack by the political Left – which is the primary source of their problems.

Regrettably, many members of the Left can be found in Republican circles, as Trump learned when Republican Senator John McCain voted against Trump’s plan to “repeal and replace Obamacare.”
Continue reading »

506 – Guests: Sandra Solomon & Ted Harlson – Islam?

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May 252017

Sandra Solomon and Ted Harlson

Ask someone whether “Islam” is the root cause of the world-wide terrorism associated with it, or whether it is just the “people using” Islam to justify violent terrorism, the answer you get will depend on that person’s definition of Islam.

Is Islam a “religion” or a “political ideology”? Or both? Or neither?

To help us understand the devil in the details so lacking in definitions, Islam takes on an entirely different “definition” when described by someone who has lived it – right in the heart of Saudi Arabia itself.

Her name is Sandra Solomon and today she joins us in studio to share her story. It is a glimpse into a life that few in the West can truly appreciate. Her personal experience has led Sandra to begin a crusade across Canada to warn Canadians about the dangers of Sharia Law and the Islamization of Canadian public schools. Continue reading »

503 – Sexual tensions – Political climax

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May 042017

Woman shouts at man

Feminist claims that women in North America are suffering at the hands of a patriarchy amount to little more than propaganda. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that we live in a matriarchy under which the suffering are men.

Laws in Canada, the United States, and other jurisdictions in the Western world have become alarmingly gender unbalanced – giving women far more legal rights than men. From prostitution laws to family and child custody issues, discriminating against men has become the ruling principle.

However, this is but one narrow manifestation of the politics of sex, which is no different in principle than the politics of race, gender, language, or ethnicity. In addition to the traditional sexual tensions between men and women, we now have the added complication of other politically recognized genders.

There is no doubt that sexuality plays a critical role in shaping human identity, behavior, and personal values. But sex and sexual identity have become a key political weapon in the continual war of political correctness. Continue reading »