Sep 172020

In the absence of any rational justification for them, what the continual lockdown threats and irrational rules surrounding COVID-19 clearly demonstrate is that we currently live under fascist rule. It’s no “creeping” fascism. It’s here. Now.

Like all forms of collectivism, fascism is an ideology of the Left. Generally, those on the Left support continuing the lockdowns and COVID rules while those on the Right favor freedom and individual choice. These Left versus Right competing narratives are clearly distinguishable on the basis of philosophy and ideology.

Labels continually prove to be unavoidable in political discourse because they are both a necessity and a weapon.

When correctly defined instead of being avoided, political labels can become a powerful weapon for the Right and against fascism given fascism’s exclusive association with the Left.

Understanding the power of labels, the Left has invented labels like “COVID deniers,” and “COVID truthers,” and “far right” and “racist” and “conspiracy theorist,” and “fascist,” to successfully associate these pejoratives with the Right. That success can be measured in the number of those on the Right who distance themselves from their own political identity – something the Left never does.

Appreciating the power of the Left-Right polarity is not always easy, given the fictional “political spectrum” that traps so many in an unsolvable dilemma. But it is essential that those who see themselves on the Right bear that label proudly. After all, it is only on the Right that freedom is to be found.

In contrast, it is only on the Left that fascism is found. But given fascism’s demonstrated sordid history and ideology it has become a propaganda tactic of the Left to falsely associate fascism with the Right. But it just isn’t so.

When it comes to competing narratives, the Left only works hard trying to eliminate – not debate – any narrative that’s Just Right.

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  2 Responses to “672 – COVID’s polarized narratives—always Left and Right”

  1. I’m confused. I thought the Freedom Party was a champion of capitalism but now I hear how all the capitalists are behind 5G and Covid, etc.

  2. Hello Amlan,

    There are two kinds of capitalists: capitalists who are called so because of the way in which they earn money, and capitalists who are called so because they support the philosophical principles of capitalism, principles that describe freedom within an economic context.

    It’s dangerous to confuse capital-ISTS with capital-ISM. Capitalists come in all political flavors and stripes and exist under every economic system from communism to capitalism. A capitalist is merely someone who earns money based on private capital, which could be property, money, investments, etc., as distinguished from earning money via labour, retail, services offered etc. Capitalists have been with us long before capitalism – the moral system – was ever discovered.

    When capitalists (or even business people who are not capitalists) rely on government coercion to acquire private monopoly status or to prevent competition, this has been falsely coined as ‘crony capitalism’ because it is really a form of fascism, not capitalism.

    As to Freedom Party, it always has and always will support capitalism – the only moral economic system ever devised by mankind. Freedom Party neither supports nor opposes any honest means of earning an income since that is a particular personal choice. In supporting capitalism, Freedom Party supports freedom of choice, not the specific object or means of income being chosen.

    Be sure to check out the next broadcast of Just Right for more discussion on this very topic.

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