Mar 012023

The recent visit of European Parliamentarian Christine Anderson to Canada has highlighted the contrasting ideologies of the Conservative Party’s Pierre Poilievre and Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party.

Ms. Anderson gained popularity among many Canadians when she rebuked Justin Trudeau during his visit to the European Parliament in March 2022. She condemned him for admiring the Chinese dictatorship, violating citizens’ fundamental rights, and criminalizing dissenting voices.

During her visit to Canada, Ms. Anderson met with hundreds of supporters including Maxime Bernier and three Conservative MPs. Mr. Bernier hailed her as the “Queen of Freedom” and made her an honorary member of the PPC, while Mr. Poilievre reprimanded his MPs for associating with her, branding her opinions as vile and racist.

However, Mr. Poilievre and the reporting of his statement failed to mention which of Ms. Anderson’s opinions he considered racist and vile—a glaring omission.

In this conversation, Maxime Bernier calls out Mr. Poilievre for being a fraud and an opportunist who uses photo-ops with Freedom Convoy truckers to appease protestors during a Conservative Party leadership contest. However, when it comes to issues such as immigration limits, Mr. Poilievre unfairly stigmatizes his opponents by calling them “racist,” and in doing so aligns himself with Justin Trudeau and other critics of responsible economics and individual freedom.

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