489 – The very Presidential Donald J. Trump / Unfettered capitalism

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Jan 262017

Trump oath

In keeping with past Inauguration addresses made by American presidents, Donald Trump‘s Inauguration Address last Friday turned out to be very presidential indeed.

Criticized as being a “dark speech” the likes of which has never been heard before, it would be more accurate to suggest that Trump’s Inaugural Address followed a tradition that has been a presidential practice since the days of John Adams, the second president of the United States.

The parallels are striking and are part of the conversation on today’s Just Right, along with our point-by-point analysis of some key essentials in Trump’s address. Could Donald Trump’s address be resurrecting the symbolic “ghost” of John Adams?

“A nation exists to serve its citizens,” Trump declared, in stark contrast to the opposing philosophy that has been running the White House since the days of John F Kennedy.

Under Trump’s “America first” agenda, is “Buy American” an un-American slogan? Can trade restrictions and import/export taxes possibly benefit the general welfare, or are they simply a continuation of crony politics that benefit the few at the expense of the many? Continue reading »

433 – Radio talk shows – opening the line to public discourse

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Dec 312015

00:03 Opening the line to public discourse: influence of open line talk shows, spoken word vs talk, Andy Oudman on cross border shopping, promoting the general welfare through self interest, wealth creation, will Trudeau get elected?
11:10 It’s in the mail…: taxes, jobs, Canada Post’s mail monopoly, ending door to door delivery, technology the challenge to Canada Post, privatize mail delivery, Kellogg’s survival, biting the hand that feeds, community mail boxes
24:20 Officially complacent: reconciling Islamist terrorism with Muslim immigration, Tarek Fatah, Salim Mansur, vigilance not intolerance, appropriate response to Montreal attack, political Islam’s open and stated objectives, avoid political correctness, a war has been declared upon the West, ideological conversions, radicalization of Islamist terror, Western society penetrated by Muslim Brotherhood
42:00 Triple play on governance-voting-democracy: fining or rewarding the vote, voting is not democracy, voting a right-not a duty, obtaining a false sense of consent through the forced vote, democracy about equality under the law, informed voter responsibility, buying your vote through advertising, purpose of political advertising, government expanding beyond governance 59:42 END

350 – Guest: Paul McKeever – Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario

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May 152014

Freedom Party of Ontario


00:07 Pulling the plug to avoid the shock: Freedom Party Candidates in London, Paul McKeever, Salim Mansur, Clare Maloney, Al Gretzky, pulling the plug on wind turbine and solar contracts, history of Ontario’s electricity price woes, Trillium vs Ontario, no penalty to cancel green-energy contracts, gas plant move penalties, Lawrence Solomon’s view on cancelling contracts, the environmental penalty
14:39 Jobs Jobs Jobs – Tim Hudak’s 1,000,000 – 100,000 Jobs Plan: 100,000 job losses equals 100,000 severance packages or 100,000 lawsuits, the other side of the job cut promise, TTC expansion costs, nuclear reactor replacement costs, Hudak getting back at the teachers’ unions, lack of trust, corporate welfare
28:49 Trust Me, I’m A Politician: John Robson – Hudak vs an empty suit, purple Tory, Progressive Conservative history of tax and spend, 1 million jobs for half a million people, Freedom Party stealing votes?, who owns your vote?
45:00 Stealing votes – owning votes – earning votes: Erin Goodwin for the Freedom gang, Al Gretzky earning votes or stealing votes? can you waste a vote? earning a vote without fraud or misrepresentation, trusting liars, the Freedom Party strategy in London, the 5% solution, I’m voting for Freedom Party, London is the spearhead, FPO’s social media success 60:00 END

347 – The middle has no class / Political snake oil / Toronto 4/20

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Apr 242014

The Middle Class


00:07 The middle has no class: the middle class, government protecting the middle class, free enterprise, success, lowering standard of living, government spending cuts, protecting the middle class – from government, classless society, College of Trades, Obama’s reign of error, job creation, inflation, money supply
17:35 Reign of error? government mistakes, gold, Sparta, inflation, tripling of US money supply, cut in wages, standard of living, government pensions, snake oil, nice people
30:35 Kathleen Wynne’s leadersh*t leadership: Kathleen Wynne vs NDP and PC, unions, labour, College of Trades, Wynne’s proposed partnership – government-business – government-labour, Ontario budget and election, technology and the internet, economic history of the automobile, creation of wealth and high wages
48:10 Catch A Fire: Toronto 4/20: Toronto 4/20, Vapor Central, London 4/20, policing pot events 55:53 END

346 – Ontario College of Trade barriers… Guild fascism

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Apr 172014



00:07 Ontario’s College of Trade Barriers: Ontario College of Trades, Jeff Yurek, Tim Hudak’s promise to scrap Ontario College of Trades, Trade barrier horror stories: Peter’s story, Doug’s story, Don’s story, Rich’s story, Brian’s story, Pete’s story, victims of trade barriers
16:45 Tory Story – Can you believe it? PC David Tsubouchi – Head of Ontario College of Trades, socialism-communism-fascism, PC Garfield Dunlop supports grandfathering College of Trades in, College of Teachers brought in by PCs
27:30 College discipline – We’re fine if you’re fined: Ontario College of Trades – from the horse’s mouth, ‘joining’ the college, fines and penalties apply to non-‘members’ as well, complaints and discipline, the public interest
40:35 Ontario College of Trades: Guild fascism: guilds, guild socialism, guild fascism, Ontario College of Trades, implied contract with public, medieval origins of guilds, tax-grab, not a ‘mistake’ but a crime 54:58 END

336 – Guest: Paul McKeever – Freedom Party’s Opposition Budget / Minimum wages

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Feb 062014

Freedom Party Opposition Budget


00:07 : Logan’s Runaway from balancing the budget Guest: Paul McKeever – Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne’s budget, Drummond Report, Balancing the Ontario Budget, end of life care, lethal injections to balance the budget, Tim Hudak chimes in
16:34 : Budging the budgetary elephant: health care’s share OHIP – competition and choice not privatization, taxes, HST, the price of OHIP, health care vouchers, all-day kindergarten, Ontario clean air benefit, opting out of OHIP, Canada Health Act compliance, CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) all candidate’s debate exclusion of Freedom Party candidate Erin Goodwin
34:10 : Maximum denial behind minimum wages Union representation, Ontario minimum wage rise, the relationship between employment and minimum wage laws, the German example, the economic smell test, well-meaning? Kathleen Wynn not sorry for job losses, immorality of minimum wage laws, guaranteed poverty, the employer’s role
51:25 : They do it on purpose minimum wages are designed to hurt the economy, politicians succeeding, beneath our contempt, the evil nature of those who advocate minimum wages, asking Satan to stop sinning, the joke’s on us 57:34 : End

333 – Michael Chong’s a party pooper / Minimum wage – maximum damage

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Jan 162014

Tory Caucus Meeting


00:07 Chong’s deformed Reform Act: white lies, Michael Chongs’ Reform Act, hyper­democracy, majority rule, non­confidence leadership review, government control of political parties, media misinformation and debate,
23:20 For democracy’s sake, party on! leadership, democracy without voting, voting without democracy, democratic participation vs voting, political parties
33:58 Minimum­ thinking Conservatives: minimum wages, wage and price controls, economics and principles, a Conservative record of socialism and high taxes, taxation
53:00 Got a job? Laissez­ nous thankful: real job creation vs government job creation, state rationing, capitalism, government intervention in commerce, laissez ­nous faire 58:59 END