498 – Venezuela’s incredible dread machine / His story – Marc Emery, The Prince of Pot

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Mar 302017

Venezuean bread line

Turns out there’s little difference between a country “going to pot,” and one not allowing free market sales of pot. To prove the point, two seemingly unrelated recent events in two different parts of the world have demonstrated that when it comes to crony politics, state monopolies, and greedy politicians, every country has its share.

In Venezuela, people lined the streets to buy bread from their local private bakeries. Now the bread lines are gone because the bakeries are gone, declared illegal by Venezuela’s socialist government that has chosen to distribute the bread via its state monopoly.

In Canada, people lined the streets to buy cannabis at private dispensaries. Now the lines are gone because the dispensaries are gone, declared illegal by Canada’s crony-influenced government that has chosen to restrict and monopolize cannabis distribution.

To most, Canada’s current “pot sales crisis” naturally pales when compared to Venezuela’s “bread sales crisis.” After all, a shortage of food merits far greater urgency than does a restricted market in cannabis, especially when runaway inflation is part of the crisis. Continue reading »

488 – For the love of money / Freedom: The unknown ideal

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Jan 192017


FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY – FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE: “Tyranny of the rich?” That’s rich! But it’s a common belief among those who have a limited understanding (or outright dislike) of capitalism and what that word truly represents.

“Capitalism is slavery,” is another epistemological contradiction that is often heard in the blind rage against the singular economic system that is the very opposite of slavery.

Or maybe you’ve heard these before: “Capitalists prey on the poor” or “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

These are, of course, demonstrable falsehoods. Yet many accept these bromides as truths. To be able to counter these tragic misunderstandings (or to discover sinister intentions), one must be intellectually and morally armed against them.

On today’s Just Right, you’ll hear our response to these and many more similar bromides that lead to tragic outcomes when practiced as truths. Continue reading »

450 – The THINK police / Women on money / Legalizing the new pot prohibition

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Apr 282016

Think b4 u SendTopics:
00:03 a True Hurtful Illegal Necessary Kind police warning: International Safer Internet Day Feb 9, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), T.H.I.N.K. Before You Send, emotional public response to thought police, the feminized OPP, the Rebel, journalism’s reaction to police warning, questions unasked, deja view news, the safety excuse
13:55 Right on the money: the Famous Five, the women on the face of money, bank note images, gender tokens, Trudeau’s pledge to place woman on Canadian bank note, earning the honour, names under consideration, Emily Carr, Laura Secord, Isabel Paterson, The God of the Machine, Agnes Macphail
26:20 Legalizing the new pot prohibition: the illusion of legalized marijuana, news commentaries on cannabis legalization, government monopolies for safety sake, prohibition still the rule, legality of actions, age restrictions and consent
43:20 Turtle injustice: trade barriers, Professor Anindya Sen’s pot proposals, international drug treaties, Mexico declares marijuana a human right, prohibition is force, prohibition of force 59:42 END

426 – Campus of the damned / The failure of success

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Nov 122015

Village of the DamnedTopics:
00:03 Campus blahs: Yale campus disturbance, inter-cultural affairs committee letter on Halloween costumes, theory vs practice
13:10 Progressive deformity: zero tolerance for free speech on campus, John Dewey, Ayn Rand’s Comprachicos,deformity for political suppression, disconnecting the mind from reality through progressive education, anti-cognition as the standard of education, from structure and discipline to chaos and disorder, student activists as the modern comprachicos, abandonment of reason in favour of force
28:25 The failure of success: Harry Dent’s great re-set, predicting economic crashes, engineered destruction of capitalism in America, David Stockman, ‘Irrational Economics Summit’, government enterprises as successful failures
40:50 The success of failure: the economic re-set, no political re-set, inflation’s attractions, irrational fears of deflation, the relativity of inflation, quantitative easing, recognizing the crisis, system of socialism vs conditions of capitalism, ends and means 55:18 : END — promo to 59:42

407 – It’s all Greek to me

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Jul 022015

Jason and the Argonauts


00:07 It’s all Greek to me – from philosophy to crisis: Greece’s debt default, Greek referendum, issues in bailout deal
14:10 Shared roots, different branches – Europeans and the Greeks: Ancient Greece, discovery of philosophy, slavery, history of Europe’s relationship with Greece, Greece’s options, symbolism of inclusion, psychological issues
27:00 Greece’s unhealthy health care philosophy: Greece as a bad example to the rest of the world, Greek health care crisis, Greek prescription drug crisis, Greek currency crisis, no European recovers, beware of Italy
45:40 The Greek gods – religiously secular: Greek mythology and legends, separation of the heavens and earth, not religion but a story, Jason and the Argonauts (2000), the Greek gods, reason as the weapon to resist the gods
59:51 END

399 – Cash flow / Fiddling with tradition

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May 072015



00:07 Prescription for description: symbolism and abstractions, market mechanism, water flow as a market analogy, prescriptive vs descriptive laws, law of supply and demand, law of gravity, natural gravitation, social gravitation, profit and loss, natural vs unnatural
18:55 Smart economy – smart phone: rationing, artificial pricing, economy as best deal for lowest price, technology, smart economy, smart phones, flow of capital and cash
30:25 Traditional Harmonies: social harmony, family, social bonds, fellowship, voluntary co-operation, common culture, changing tradition, force strains social bonds, discomfort and upheaval of change
39:40 Trading Traditions: John Macmurray on traditions, religion as organized shared world views, family, fellowship, capacity for reflection, religion and the fellowship of communion, continuity of culture through time, nature worship and intentionality, shared rituals, common intentions through representation, creating a persistent vision of community, breaking with tradition, traditions maintained by mutual consent, loss of tradition accompanied by loss of knowledge, when traditions fail 57:30 END

375 – Guest: Keith Weiner – Founder: Gold Standard Institute USA

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Nov 062014

Keith Weiner


GUEST: Keith Weiner – Gold Standard Institute USA
00:07 Fools about gold? challenging assumptions about gold, returning to the gold standard, a moral issue, printing fiat money, legal tender laws, capital gains tax, forced to hoard gold and silver, prohibition of gold ownership, 1929-1933 history
15:15 Not just a marginal issue: marginal utility – what makes gold different, the value of gold, cornering the silver market, human inventory of gold and silver, money supply and prices, observation vs theory, Gold Standard movement’s tragic mistake – focusing on prices, wealthy at risk
32:25 Militantly indifferent: price of gold, gold standard, Coinage Act 1792, no price of gold before 1971, extinguishing debt, why debt accumulates, resistance to the gold standard, what is really wrong with the dollar,
45:00 From paper to gold: Ludwig von Mises, Milton Friedman, central planning of money, from ending slavery to ending prohibition, the destruction of capital, falling rate of interest, fiat victims – retirees and unemployed 57:38 END