Oct 062022

There have been some divisions developing within the ranks of those who appear to be allies in the information war. American psychiatrist Dr Peter Breggin has recently been making the talk show rounds arguing that Dr Robert Malone (developer of the mRNA technology) and Dr Mattias Desmet (professor in clinical psychology) share an agenda “to destroy our ability to identify the enemy.”

Central to the controversy is Mattias Desmet’s theory of “mass formation,” which essentially describes how collectivism leads to the totalitarian state.

His recent interview by Tucker Carlson, seen by millions, expanded the discussion to Desmet’s conclusion that the essence of life transcends purely rational understanding. Moreover, his insights into “mass formation” have led Desmet to an optimistic prediction that a return to “the eternal ethical principles of humanity” can and will solve humanity’s collectivist crisis.

Nevertheless, Dr Breggin insists that Desmet’s “mass formation” theory and his calls for an ethical revolution are part of an agenda that “shifts the blame” from the elitists imposing the current crisis upon us to the victims themselves. However from afar it seems less a “shift” in blame than a “sharing” of the blame, if that is relevant at all.

No matter the motivations or other agendas in play, any call for a mass reformation based on “the eternal ethical principles of humanity” sounds Just Right to us.

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Sep 292022

At a time when the West is playing nuclear poker with Russia over Ukraine, official narratives are ignoring all of the pertinent facts, histories, and events necessary for any rational understanding of the situation.

The contrast between those narratives and the reality of the situation is startling. And perhaps the greatest contrast concerns Vladimir Putin himself.

On the heels of world-renown financial/political expert Martin Armstrong’s announcement of his upcoming book, The Plot to Seize Russia, his soon to be released narrative about Putin is certain to surprise many.

Armstrong’s revelations are a game-changer for anyone who only knows the official narrative about Putin. A first-hand observer of Putin’s rise to power, he spent seven years in prison after being falsely implicated in the plot of which he writes.

Putin is neither a communist nor a member of the deep state, says Armstrong. And even more fascinatingly, all those “murders” assumed to have been committed by Putin were actually conducted by Russia’s own deep state (and named by Armstrong), of which Putin was never a part.

And most significantly, Putin has done everything possible to avert the crisis in Ukraine. Since the beginning, and even earlier, Putin has been absolutely clear and precise about why Russian troops entered Ukraine, stated his intentions and goals in advance, and followed through with subsequent action.

Now, Putin has issued a “new clear” warning about his willingness to respond to Western aggression with nuclear weapons. Whether such action is justifiable is a question that will no doubt be debated for many years to come.

It is in everyone’s interest to learn everything they can about the Ukraine crisis; getting it Just Right is key to preventing that crisis from visiting our own doorsteps.

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Sep 222022

The condition of tyranny is not “sustainable” in the traditional sense of that word because tyranny can only be “sustained” by the use of force and fraud. So when tyrannical governments begin to talk about “sustainable development” you can be certain that whatever is meant by that floating abstraction is not sustainable, and that the only development is a political one.

Perhaps the most significant recent “development” on the political front has been the Left’s escalated assault against Donald Trump as the mid-term elections draw ever closer. From lawsuits to all the frenzied propaganda about “right wing extremism,” these actions are indicative of those in an urgent panic.

“Trump openly embraces Qanon (sic) conspiracies” read a Sept 19 Associated Press headline, which concluded by suggesting that this “allows Trump to endorse their beliefs and their hope for a violent uprising without expressly saying so.”

While that conclusion is once again a projection of how the Left thinks, the mere fact that the fake news media even acknowledged the ‘Q’ phenomenon in such a misrepresentative context is seen by many on the Right as a positive sign. It suggests an incredible insecurity and degree of fear on the part of the Left.

That fear is justified. Authoritarian de-population campaigns manifested through a fake pandemic, a fake vaccine, a fake climate crisis, fake sustainable development agendas, and a fake concern for anyone’s well-being have all taken their toll and become too obvious to avoid.

The current wave of propaganda warning how “right wing extremism” is becoming increasingly mainstream is simply more evidence that the Left is losing ground. Worse, the Left fears being held accountable for failing to do what’s Right – which is always and unavoidably an “extreme” position to take, just as are all things Left.

To the authoritarians on the Left, you’re an extremist if you dare to question authority before authority questions you. Funnily enough, on that count they might be Just Right.

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Sep 152022

In a Sept 1 Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, a group of prominent Canadian media interests called for the establishment of nothing less than a police state. “We are asking police forces to take several immediate steps… to combat abuse of journalists and all victims of online hate and harassment,” they chimed.

Among signatories to the request are the National Post, the Globe & Mail, Canadian Association of Broadcasters, the Canadian Association of Journalists, the Winnipeg Free Press, Toronto Star, TV Ontario, Quebecor, Postmedia, OMNI News, La Presse, City News, and many others.

Citing a global problem “in relation to the increasing and alarming online hate and harassment targeting journalists and journalism as a profession,” the letter called for an abandonment of investigating “individual complaints.” Instead, it called for a system allowing the media itself to report “patterns” that identify “connections of extremist groups” by means of “similar language, the language commonly used by domestic extremist groups.”

Lacking any specifics or examples, the letter is evidence of an inability to counter alternative narratives that demonstrate how inaccurate and misleading their own news coverage has been. The deafening silence from the state-sponsored media in response to Joe Biden’s Sept 1 speech served as an ironic backdrop to the request from a media that can no longer be trusted to report the news.

As accumulating data and verifiable narratives continue to show how the “fake news media” earned its reputation, the natural resentment and disgust with fake news is now being experienced as “online hate and harassment.” But instead of countering alternative narratives with their own, the media fascists have opted for state control of the competition.

Of course, the right thing to always do is to ensure an exchange of ideas and perspectives in an open forum free of any censorship. Through such exchanges – or from a refusal to participate in them – one can best discover and learn to trust those media sources that consistently prove to be Just Right in their search for the truth.

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Sep 082022

When The New York Times published the verbatim transcript of Joe Biden’s September 1 speech in Philadelphia, it was described as a speech about the “ongoing threats to democracy in the United States.” That “threat,” of course, is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic,” proclaimed Biden. “They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos. They live, not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies. You saw law enforcement brutally attacked on January the 6th. We can’t allow violence to be normalized in this country. We’re all called by duty and conscience to confront extremists who put their own pursuit of power above all else.”

This of course was pure projection, and as such, attests to the reality that it is Biden who is the real threat to democracy in the United States. Projection is a form of psychological or tactical self-defense, primarily used by those who are guilty of whatever accusations are being projected.

Worse, Biden’s terrorist rhetoric has created expectations of a “false flag” event, and it is this that has rightly caused the greatest concern.

But when it came to “democracy” itself, Biden’s message was all but lost in the controversy generated by his fascist demeanor, visually asserted in imagery as undemocratic as one could possibly imagine. Less about a threat to democracy, the “democratic” theme of his presentation revealed a message that was nothing short of confessing to a stolen election.

To understand why and how, one simply has to analyze Biden’s speech in a way that is Just Right – in a way that corresponds to reality.

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774 – Vaccine Holocaust

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Sep 012022

Multiple authoritative sources confirm that the so-called “Covid vaccines” clearly destroy the body’s immune system. That is all the injections do and that is enough, once it is understood that they are a bio-weapon and not a vaccine.

The product of an evil but brilliant strategy, this weapon kills millions without anyone even noticing. The Vaccine Holocaust is practically invisible. Were it not for our ability to communicate with each other as individuals through social media and other public avenues, we might still be unaware of it.

That’s because those getting sick and dying all have different symptoms that arise at differing times and rates. Unlike a single bomb or explosion that kills large numbers of people in a single instant that captures the public’s attention, this “event” occurs in slow motion over time.

The latest statistics are alarming to say the least. Terrifying projections suggest that within a few years, the West’s population may be decreased by an average of 70 percent, representing those who received an injection. The real question now is whether or not these dark projections can be avoided, or whether the damage has already been done.

In the face of all this evidence, many people are finding it impossible to reconcile Donald Trump’s continuing “support” of the vaccines with his war against the deep state. Paradoxically, outside of this single exception, Trump has been on the Right side of the Covid issue since the beginning, and has never once called for mandatory measures to be taken in any regard. So what gives?

Whatever his reasons, Trump’s attitude, persistence (and transparency!) on this point suggests that something else is in play – perhaps a strategy that he is as yet not prepared to share publicly. Given that he is well aware of how his own support base strongly opposes the injections, it remains to be seen how this apparent contradiction might be resolved in a way that is Just Right.

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Aug 252022

Apparently, the Left was never adequately immunized against Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), the political virus that infected Democrats, globalists, the deep state, and the fake news media the first time Trump rose to power. Now the latest variant has emerged, a clear sign that Trump must once again be on the rise.

For example, Carleton University professor and journalist Andrew Cohen in an August 19 editorial “Right follows script after Mar-a-Lago search” wrote “The right exploded. They screamed, they seethed, they snarled. The words were not just shrill, they were terrifying. At times, they encouraged violence. These are the new Republican rules of order in public debate. Rush to judgment. Ignore facts. Enter shooting. Empty your arsenal. Deny. Attack. Restraint is no virtue. Insanity is no vice.”

And then there was American philosopher, author, and podcast host Sam Harris, whose TDS infection has exposed a moral vacuum devoid of any principle or values whatever.

While openly citing evidence demonstrating Biden’s corruption (but offering none regarding Trump), Harris argued “Whatever the scope of Joe Biden’s corruption is… it is infinitesimal compared to the corruption we know Trump is involved in.” This, after proudly proclaiming that he “would not have cared” if Hunter Biden had “the corpses of children in his basement.” Continue reading »