Sep 282023

To continue treating the fictional “2SLGBTQIA+ community” as if it was an actual constituency of some sort is playing the Left’s game. The invention of this imaginary community is part of an explicitly outlined Marxist agenda, which for the most part appears to be a fact left out of the broader discussion.

In the wake of Canada’s September 20th’s Million March for Children, every politician from Justin Trudeau to the mayors of local municipalities chimed in on their rehearsed opposition to the event. “I am alarmed by the increasingly harmful anti-2SLGBTQIA+ rhetoric that is being directed toward our schools,” declared Whitby Ontario mayor Elizabeth Roy.

Since her alarm in no way addressed the purpose of the Million March for Children and echoed the same misdirected and irrational message being repeated by politicians across the country, it was clear that this was outright political propaganda organized at some higher level.

Meanwhile, the union-organized counter protests also repeated the same propaganda, thus rendering them utterly unable to rationally articulate their case when asked to do so. This is understandable as the labor organizers of the counter protesters clearly stated they were there merely to “disrupt” those in the Million March for Children. Continue reading »

Sep 212023

Thanks to the release of a secret recording of a September 16 joint meeting organized by a “coalition” of labor groups, the public has been able to directly witness a self-described “co-conspiracy” to disrupt, demoralize, destroy, bully and intimidate marchers participating in the September 20 Million March for Children.

Led by the Ontario Federation of Labour, the Canadian Labour Congress, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), and various political sub-committees of these unions, the on-line meeting revealed an agenda bordering on criminal.

With a stated objective of “fighting against hate” the co-conspirators planned to “occupy” the areas where the children’s marches were taking place. It was even suggested to target, demoralize and intimidate individual marchers by recording their license plate numbers and letting them know they’re being watched.

Planned tactics included organizing “rapid response teams ready to combat this hate” with noise and disruption, and opposing any call for parental consent and parental authority. “Let’s give them some fright,” said the CUPE Ontario Human Rights Chair.

In order to justify their sinister agenda, the conspirators claim that they are protecting the “2SLGBTQIA+ community” from the “hate” of the marchers for children. However, not only is 2SLGBTQIA+ an absurd acronym for a fictional “community” that simply does not exist, what most do not know is that 2SLGBTQIA+ is a Marxist conspiracy of hate.

Only days ago, American economist and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution Thomas Sowell described the campaign against parental authority this way: “This is not spontaneous. It’s organized and the tactics used are those developed for brainwashing in communist countries.”

Moreover, the obsession with promoting “drag queens” in public schools, and with the grooming of children too young to be confronted with sexual issues, is more than disturbing. There’s clearly something about these “activists” of the Left that’s not quite Just Right.

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Sep 142023

In marking the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, we looked into our own archive to see how we ourselves were discussing what is today understood to have been a state orchestrated false flag, and what we said in 2001 was alarming. Our first public discussion on this criminal state psyop took place on September 19 2001, only eight days following what the late documentarian Graham McQueen recently called “the worst event since World War 2.”

The “Left Right and Center” panel discussion that aired on CJBK AM radio 1290 in London Ontario with host Jim Chapman, London lawyer Jeff Schlemmer, and Freedom Party president Robert Metz presented a shockingly prophetic narrative in the context of today’s dystopia. Significantly, there was no mention of Osama Bin Laden, no mention of any identifiable foreign enemies, and not even any mention of the term “9/11” which did not come into popular usage until it was later associated with a series of false narratives spread by American officials.

It is easy to have forgotten that in the first days following September 11, the only context of the public discussion was focused on the government’s agenda for dealing with “terrorism.” That agenda included lockdowns, censorship, the issuance of “identity cards” and a call to go to war against some as yet unknown enemy. Worse, Americans were being asked to express a “willingness to temporarily sacrifice some of their constitutional protections in the name of making America a safer place for everyone.”

Sound familiar? It was the identical crisis narrative being repeated today with respect to Covid, climate change, Russia, Ukraine, the stolen American election, the assassinations of American presidents and leaders and every current act of treason perpetrated by the deep state again surfacing in the state manufactured crises’ of 2023. Their entire agenda – from 9/11 to 2023 – has always been predicated on a state murdering its own citizens, while transitioning everyone else into submissive slaves. This is a difficult pill to swallow, no matter how you look at it.

Perhaps the most prophetic words to come out of our September 19/01 discussion occurred with the following observation by Metz:

“You will know that your civil liberties are infringed upon when the state tells you that you can’t meet, you can’t have more than four people at your house at one time, or you can’t say what you want.”

It is now 2023. Been there. Done that. And they’re still doing it.

Being able to predict the future in a way that turned out to be Just Right was simply one consequence of understanding the principles that eventually led to the creation of this radio broadcast/podcast bearing the same name.

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Sep 072023

There is a growing chorus of voices throughout the social media community that is warning of an imminent collapse of Western civilization.

Given the dystopian zeitgeist, it is difficult to avoid such a conclusion. We appear to have reached a tipping point, where open discussion is taking place about the probability of an assassination attempt on Donald Trump, the probability of a nuclear exchange between America and Russia, and the probability of censorship on a scale unprecedented.

Among the dystopian predictions is one concerning a “cyber attack,” including a complete shut down of the internet. This has sparked a discussion about the need for a return to “offline” media, including AM radio and short wave broadcasting.

“The future is offline,” recently predicted Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai – a significant prediction given that it was made by a U.S. presidential candidate and inventor of e-mail.

But the predictions are not all apocalyptic. Some hold promise, especially if considered “conspiracy theories” by the Left and the deep state. Most glaringly, the Left’s obsession with “Qanon” tempts us to comment “Methinks they doth protest too much…”

Meanwhile, General Michael Flynn has warned of a potential cyber attack, explaining how truly vulnerable the web is, and how easily the government can control it. For those seeking the facts and truth during such an event, access to alternative means of communication like short wave is among the recommended options.

Predicting which of the many apocalyptic predictions will prove to be Just Right is never a certainty, but it’s worth knowing that some predictions paint a future that is not dark, but bright.

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Aug 312023

History can be described as “the consequences of consequences” suggests our guest, Salim Mansur. Consequently, like any science, history too is never “settled.”

Nothing could illustrate this principle more clearly than Salim’s latest analysis of the history behind America’s irrational hatred of all things Russian, which startlingly has a direct connection to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War 2.

Harry Truman’s decision to use nuclear weapons in Japan came on the heels of their successful development made possible by the Manhattan Project. The bombing of Hiroshima marked the break in America’s wartime alliance with Russia, instantly converting an ally into an enemy, argues Salim. It was also the “first shot taken in the cold war.”

It is a chilling account of the development of what has been called the “deep state” and of the military-industrial-complex with which it is associated. The Manhattan Project was itself evidence of a deep state already deeply entrenched, though then, as with revelations about today’s deep state, its existence was unknown – even to some of the highest officials in the country.

The great tragedy behind the bombings of Japan is that they were known at the time to be militarily unnecessary, and were sadly motivated by the Truman administration’s political considerations concerning America’s future relationship with Russia.

During his previous discussion on Just Right, Salim warned that a disinterest in history is a symptom of a nihilistic society since a culture or nation without a past cannot steer itself to a better future.

As if to illustrate this truth, his latest journey down the “rabbit hole” of history surrounding the Manhattan Project, the bombing of Japan, and America’s anti-Russian obsession, has revealed a world that today is close to repeating a tragic historical consequence far from being Just Right.

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Aug 292023

It was President Trump who called them the “Deep State,” that “fourth branch of government,” which acts in secret, furthering its own aims, led by the Neo-Cons and attached by the hip to the CIA and other alphabet agencies. President Eisenhower warned us about them. To him, they were the “Military-Industrial Complex.” However, it was under President Harry S. Truman, Eisenhower’s predecessor, that the Deep State was conceived, as our guest Professor Salim Mansur of Western University in London, Ontario, states.

“Ukraine, the most corrupt country in the world, is a laundromat for the Military-Industrial Complex in America. How did this happen? It didn’t happen overnight. The derailment began with a decision by Truman.”

In an article titled “Revisiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki: the path not taken,” published on Salim’s Substack (, he clearly lays out the argument that Truman’s decision to use the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945, and keeping his ally, the Soviet Union, in the dark about it, set into motion diplomatic actions that resulted in the Cold War and the animosity which America still feels towards Russia 78 years later. It is an irrational hatred which has led to the current proxy war in Ukraine. A war, it should be mentioned, where more Ukrainian soldiers have died in the past year and a half than all of the American servicemen who died in both theaters of WWII.

Join Salim and Robert for a fascinating look at the history of the birth of Deep State and the Forever Wars of the United States.

This video is also available on YouTube and BitChute and Odysee.

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Aug 242023

In Canada, Ottawa detective Helen Grus is currently being subjected to an official disciplinary hearing due to her investigation of nine cases of sudden infant death syndrome that led her to question the vaccination status of the mothers involved. Following the release of Pfizer’s own published data confirming that breast feeding when vaccinated could lead to the death or injury of the babies, her follow-up was in every respect consistent with all expected initiatives that would be undertaken by a police officer specializing in crimes against children.

Astoundingly, observers at the hearing have not only concluded that the process is corrupt and thoroughly unjust, but more alarmingly, have concluded that Canada is now a fully established communist country. That awakening, coming in 2023, is itself evidence of the tremendous social and political inertia that must be overcome in order to alert citizens to the extreme danger facing them, since Canada has been a communist country for several decades and longer.

Though socialism can be blamed for Canada’s current “sudden death syndrome,” the acceptance of this evil collectivism was neither “sudden” nor accidental. In the Orwellian year of 1984, Canada was already well on its way moving on from socialism to communism and its natural ally, fascism.

America’s political condition is no different. As in Canada, a broad lack of knowledge and understanding about all things political (as opposed to electoral) provides a fertile breeding ground for collectivism. Continue reading »