Jul 242024

While a comprehensive analysis is imperative, preliminary findings from the extensive video and audio documentation at the scene suggest that the attempted assassination of President Donald Trump was orchestrated by the Deep State. This incident bears a striking resemblance to the successful assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, suggesting that the Deep State will employ any means necessary to safeguard the interests of the Military-Industrial Congressional Complex.

Joining Just Right Media’s Robert Vaughan is Professor Salim Mansur of Western University. Together, they discuss the ominous parallels between the assassination of JFK and the attempted assassination of DJT, providing a unique scholarly perspective on these events.

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Jul 242024

The failed July 13 2024 attempt to assassinate Donald Trump has captured the world’s attention and imagination. Can Trump’s survival be attributed to lady luck or was it divine intervention?

Of course, those disappointed or outraged that Trump survived certainly would not ask such a question. For them, this was a failed attempt to rid the world of a Hitlerian fascist dictator, that fake political caricature created by the fake news media.

Even so, notions of divine intervention were less inspired by the fact that Trump survived an assassination attempt than by the fact that he was shot in the ear. It was Trump’s ear injury that changed the dynamic of the event by providing objective evidence of an assassination attempt that could not easily be denied.

The reality that America came within earshot of its own destruction also served to catapult the event within earshot of the entire world community. Ironically, had Trump not been injured at all, July 13 might never have attained its symbolic status that will now be embedded into American history and lore for years to come.

More than anything else, July 13 was a sobering reminder that we live in one of the most dangerous times in history, afflicted by a ‘deep state’ death cult of the Left that only wants to maintain power and perpetual war.

On the other hand, July 13 was also a refreshing reminder of the power of the internet in an information war never before accessible to individuals and groups outside of the establishment media.

With the realities of history challenging the fake news narratives of years gone by, independent and objective reports on those histories are now surfacing that appear to reflect a current truth about our so-called ‘democracies’ that is unfortunately Just Right: namely, that reprehensible and evil people really control the world.

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Jul 222024

Peyman Askari is standing as a candidate for the People’s Party of Canada in the riding of West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea To Sky Country. He came across many of Robert’s Just Right Media videos regarding the PPC and Canadian politics and thought that he might make a worthy guest on his new podcast, In Lay Terms.

Many topics of a personal and public nature are discussed: education and work experience, running as a candidate for the Canadian Alliance, Robert’s time as a trustee on the London Board of Education, co-hosting the radio show Just Right, his many interviews with many celebrities and personalities, and his personal beliefs and philosophy.

You can follow Peyman on X at @PeymanAskari451.

Jul 172024

In the shadow of the Trump assassination attempt, it is important never to forget that that shadow was cast by global events that reveal a growing public opposition to the Left and to globalism. Little has actually changed on the world political stage – other than a speeded awakening of many who were still unaware of the threat to their own lives. For the deep state, the assassination attempt was just business as usual, given its death cult ideology and record.

With opposition to wars raging in the mid-east and Ukraine, with domestic protests and riots occurring in most of the European nations, and with European election results revealing an emerging trend to the Right, the ‘deep state’ has a lot to worry about. It is encountering a powerful rejection of its mission to flood established cultures with unregulated immigration and to establish a one-world globalist state.

Robert Vaughan and Salim Mansur took a look at the recent election results in France, where that country’s unique run-off electoral system exposed some political trends that might otherwise have gone unnoticed in other nations with differing electoral systems.

However, their reference to “the French connection” within the context of the European elections concerned the French connection with Canada, a country that owes much of its history to France, and which also exhibits certain parallel current political trends with France.

Like France, Canada is being threatened by globalism and unregulated immigration. And also like France, hidden within each country’s legitimate immigration history are the millions of ‘new’ French and ‘new’ Canadian citizens who can no longer be separated from the cultures of those nations. As an example, despite Robert and Salim’s own very different historical connections to Canada, they each identify as Canadian in a country that, like France, must attempt to restore its own history in order to preserve the Canadian culture and identity.

While many Western nations have “suicidally crashed their own histories,” France appears to be attempting to recover its French history. In contrast, Canada’s history as a “peace keeping” nation continues to be lost thanks to its support of foreign wars and a lack of leadership in Canada. “Where are the Canadian voices?” laments Salim.

That’s a question that remains to be resolved. If there’s one thing the globalist Left fears most, it’s anything that is Just Right, particularly when it’s the voice of the people speaking out against tyranny.

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Jul 132024

The poem “The Second Coming” by William Butler Yeats begins with the lines, “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; / Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” These verses are particularly apt in light of the recent French National Assembly elections, where President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party suffered a significant defeat. As Professor Salim Mansur observes, “They have turned against the Center.”

The historical ties between France and Canada are profound, dating back to the era of Samuel de Champlain. Approximately one quarter of Canadians trace their ancestry to France, and Canada has fought two world wars on French soil. The two nations share an intricate and intertwined history.

In light of this historical context, it is crucial to examine the recent French election results, which saw Macron’s Centrist Ensemble fall to second place, while the Leftist New Popular Front and the Rightist National Rally gained ground.

Macron’s party faced a massive defeat as the French grew weary of both a globalist agenda and an increasing immigrant population. The New Popular Front addressed the globalist agenda in a manner reminiscent of Charles de Gaulle, rejecting the machinations of a Europe that would entangle them in a conflict with Russia. Meanwhile, the National Rally, led by Marine Le Pen, focused on the issue of immigration.

Salim and Robert discuss the election results, which, contrary to the beliefs of many on the Right, are not entirely negative when viewed in full context amidst the looming backdrop of war.

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Jul 102024

Following his disastrous performance in his first 2024 Presidential election debate with Donald Trump, one must wonder if Joe Biden is just biding his time until Democrats decide what to do about him. Speculation about the future of Biden’s presidential candidacy is at an all time high, given that so many were still unaware of his condition until the June 28 CNN presidential debate.

As a career politician for decades, Biden would be the perfect poster boy for Donald Trump’s plan to introduce term limits to the American political landscape.

But while most dwell on Biden’s physical and mental condition, it was his political condition that was far more concerning. Biden’s vision of America is a dystopian nightmare of perpetual war and tyranny.

While Trump speaks of a ‘great’ America as a safe place for Americans to live, work, and pursue their own happiness and objectives, Biden’s vision of a ‘great’ America is one of a bully state, bullying other nations to the point of conflict and war. “They don’t want to screw around with us,” said Biden in reference to China and Russia.

For his part, Trump’s debate performance was among his best: disciplined and presidential. Clearly aware of Biden’s incoherence and inability to focus, Trump was placed in the difficult position of having to diplomatically treat his opponent with consideration for his condition.

Perhaps Trump’s best presidential performance in terms of his vision for America took place on July 4, 2020 with his speech delivered in front of Mount Rushmore. Citing the destruction of American history and culture by the Left, Trump delivered a speech to set the record straight, vowing never to be silenced by his opponents.

With Trump’s unparalleled popularity and an agenda that is Just Right for Americans in their time of crisis, whether or not Biden is replaced will have little effect on Trump’s re-election this November.

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Jul 032024

“The case of Julian Assange symbolizes how bankrupt the West has become,” says Salim Mansur. He also warns that, in the rise of an Anglo-American empire, there can be no republican values.

Translated, that means that individual rights and freedom do not exist in empires and that freedom of speech represents a deadly threat to empires because they are of necessity based on lies.

In referring to the criminal trials of Julian Assange, it must be emphasized that it is the trials themselves that were criminal, not any proven allegations against Julian Assange. His ‘crime’ was to shine a light on the empire of lies.

Among the greatest of those lies were the narratives contrived to justify perpetual war. With an understanding that war depends on lies while peace depends on truth, the necessity of false narratives on the part of the war mongering ‘military industrial complex’ becomes self-evident.

How something as undemocratic as a ‘military industrial complex’ could have arisen within a democracy can partially be explained by learning that the original name of that complex was the ‘Military Industrial Congressional Complex.’ In other words, the democratic component of the complex appears to have been Congress itself, and the word ‘Congressional’ was duly removed to help conceal that association.

The false narratives were spread by what Donald Trump famously coined ‘the fake news media’ while those who revealed true narratives were subject to censorship and political imprisonment. Despite a past Supreme Court ruling that “a free press is intended to serve the governed, not the government,” it is clear that there is no longer a functional Fourth Estate dedicated to that task and responsibility.

Thankfully it appears that the rising influence of social media, combined with the falling influence of mainstream media, is having a positive effect towards creating a better informed citizenry. Independent journalism seems to be an ideal way to re-establish a Fourth Estate that serves the governed in a way that is Just Right.

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