Jul 132024

The poem “The Second Coming” by William Butler Yeats begins with the lines, “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; / Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” These verses are particularly apt in light of the recent French National Assembly elections, where President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party suffered a significant defeat. As Professor Salim Mansur observes, “They have turned against the Center.”

The historical ties between France and Canada are profound, dating back to the era of Samuel de Champlain. Approximately one quarter of Canadians trace their ancestry to France, and Canada has fought two world wars on French soil. The two nations share an intricate and intertwined history.

In light of this historical context, it is crucial to examine the recent French election results, which saw Macron’s Centrist Ensemble fall to second place, while the Leftist New Popular Front and the Rightist National Rally gained ground.

Macron’s party faced a massive defeat as the French grew weary of both a globalist agenda and an increasing immigrant population. The New Popular Front addressed the globalist agenda in a manner reminiscent of Charles de Gaulle, rejecting the machinations of a Europe that would entangle them in a conflict with Russia. Meanwhile, the National Rally, led by Marine Le Pen, focused on the issue of immigration.

Salim and Robert discuss the election results, which, contrary to the beliefs of many on the Right, are not entirely negative when viewed in full context amidst the looming backdrop of war.

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Jul 102024

Following his disastrous performance in his first 2024 Presidential election debate with Donald Trump, one must wonder if Joe Biden is just biding his time until Democrats decide what to do about him. Speculation about the future of Biden’s presidential candidacy is at an all time high, given that so many were still unaware of his condition until the June 28 CNN presidential debate.

As a career politician for decades, Biden would be the perfect poster boy for Donald Trump’s plan to introduce term limits to the American political landscape.

But while most dwell on Biden’s physical and mental condition, it was his political condition that was far more concerning. Biden’s vision of America is a dystopian nightmare of perpetual war and tyranny.

While Trump speaks of a ‘great’ America as a safe place for Americans to live, work, and pursue their own happiness and objectives, Biden’s vision of a ‘great’ America is one of a bully state, bullying other nations to the point of conflict and war. “They don’t want to screw around with us,” said Biden in reference to China and Russia.

For his part, Trump’s debate performance was among his best: disciplined and presidential. Clearly aware of Biden’s incoherence and inability to focus, Trump was placed in the difficult position of having to diplomatically treat his opponent with consideration for his condition.

Perhaps Trump’s best presidential performance in terms of his vision for America took place on July 4, 2020 with his speech delivered in front of Mount Rushmore. Citing the destruction of American history and culture by the Left, Trump delivered a speech to set the record straight, vowing never to be silenced by his opponents.

With Trump’s unparalleled popularity and an agenda that is Just Right for Americans in their time of crisis, whether or not Biden is replaced will have little effect on Trump’s re-election this November.

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Jul 032024

“The case of Julian Assange symbolizes how bankrupt the West has become,” says Salim Mansur. He also warns that, in the rise of an Anglo-American empire, there can be no republican values.

Translated, that means that individual rights and freedom do not exist in empires and that freedom of speech represents a deadly threat to empires because they are of necessity based on lies.

In referring to the criminal trials of Julian Assange, it must be emphasized that it is the trials themselves that were criminal, not any proven allegations against Julian Assange. His ‘crime’ was to shine a light on the empire of lies.

Among the greatest of those lies were the narratives contrived to justify perpetual war. With an understanding that war depends on lies while peace depends on truth, the necessity of false narratives on the part of the war mongering ‘military industrial complex’ becomes self-evident.

How something as undemocratic as a ‘military industrial complex’ could have arisen within a democracy can partially be explained by learning that the original name of that complex was the ‘Military Industrial Congressional Complex.’ In other words, the democratic component of the complex appears to have been Congress itself, and the word ‘Congressional’ was duly removed to help conceal that association.

The false narratives were spread by what Donald Trump famously coined ‘the fake news media’ while those who revealed true narratives were subject to censorship and political imprisonment. Despite a past Supreme Court ruling that “a free press is intended to serve the governed, not the government,” it is clear that there is no longer a functional Fourth Estate dedicated to that task and responsibility.

Thankfully it appears that the rising influence of social media, combined with the falling influence of mainstream media, is having a positive effect towards creating a better informed citizenry. Independent journalism seems to be an ideal way to re-establish a Fourth Estate that serves the governed in a way that is Just Right.

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Jun 262024

When it comes to politics, you can never be sure whether to laugh or cry. In a field where the cardinal rule is ‘define or be defined’, defining politics itself can be elusive.

Politics is commonly (though correctly) associated with the state and government. But politics is also played outside of the government arena, as in office politics, business politics, and social politics involving competitions for social status.

Interestingly, most dictionaries do not describe what makes ‘political’ activity distinct from other forms of human activities without referring to state or government.

One distinctive attribute of politics suggests that when something becomes ‘political’ it means that the game is no longer being played on a level playing field. But the unspoken truth about the distinctive nature of politics is that it has become a socially acceptable means of acquiring the unearned. Worse, when it comes to governments, actions otherwise considered unconscionable or criminal are broadly tolerated if carried out for political reasons.

Politics has always operated in a political theatre of epistemology – a war of words calculated to win the support of the public. By controlling populations through the creation of fake definitions, politicians can pursue their real agendas in a manner unseen by most.

No issue could demonstrate the political war of definitions better than the Covid ‘vaccine-bioweapon-gene therapy-plandemic’. Several American states have launched civil actions against Pfizer, based on the fact that Pfizer illegally re-defined terms like ‘vaccine,’ ‘adverse event,’ ‘virus,’ ‘vaccination,’ and ‘infection’ to mean things that those words and terms do not mean. The significance of this is that for vaccine manufacturers using the contrived definitions, immunity from liability will no longer apply.

Thankfully, the war of words is also fought with valid definitions that correspond to the facts. These developments appear to represent a significant step in the Right direction because when it comes to the vaccine industry, it’s the defining issue that’s Just Right.

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Jun 192024

“Is Europe turning far right?” That question is being asked by many commentators both in social media and in the mainstream media itself. Concluding that the the recent results in the European Union parliamentary elections represent a “conservative Red wave and a move to the Right,” expectations are high that the tide of tyranny is finally reaching an end.

Aside from the inconvenient fact that conservatism is associated with the color blue, and not red, one can never be certain what values most people associate with the Right. The same uncertainty presents itself regarding the association of conservatives, libertarians and Objectivists with the Right. One of the problems with the terms Left and Right is that to most people, these terms are not associated with definitive ideas but simply represent political opposition.

It’s safe to say that virtually all those on the Left are globalists, even if they are unaware of that term. They idealize a ‘nation-less’ world as some kind of utopia, utterly oblivious to the horrifying reality of that idea. Disappointingly (and surprising to some), conservatives, libertarians, and even Objectivists have many representatives and factions promulgating Leftist objectives and ideals, particularly globalism and an end to the sovereignty of nations.

Consequently, you can never be sure whether any of these individuals and groups are on the Left or Right until you understand their specific views and policies as measured against the understood and correct principles of each polarity.

‘Red’ or ‘Blue,’ whether that wave is truly moving in the Right direction is a question that can only be resolved when the wave reaches the shore of national governance.

When the Left constantly berates anything Right as being ‘far,’ ‘extreme,’ or whatever, the objective is to destroy the very concept of being Right. To the extent that they can get enough people to believe that being Just Right is simply not possible, the Left will continue to win the information war even in the midst of a ‘Red wave.’

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864 – The Right WING—flying in every direction

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Jun 122024

The belief that Left and Right have become useless labels has been utterly destructive to those on the Right.

Expressing a recognition that conservatives and liberals have become a ‘uni-party,’ many on the Right have falsely operated on the assumption that, for example, Republicans represent the Right and Democrats represent the Left. The sad fact is that, just as ‘Republicans in name only’ (RINOs) are not Republicans, so too many on the right ‘wing’ are ‘Right in name only.’ Or in other words, their ideologies are Left.

How did this misconception of Left and Right arise?

That Republicans and Democrats sit in ‘opposition’ to each other leads most to believe that the split between them is ideological – Left versus Right. But the real ‘split’ is about power, not about ideology. (This principle also applies to parliamentary governments, where there is an ‘official opposition’ yet with little or no ideological difference to the ruling party.) Continue reading »

Jun 052024

As our guest earlier this year on February 21, Ches Crosbie stressed that “the (censorship industrial complex) must be eliminated before the truth about ‘vaccine’ injuries reaches enough people and a proper reconciliation can be pursued.” He was then speaking on behalf of Canada’s National Citizens Inquiry and it is now becoming apparent that his was no mere ‘armchair’ observation.

Ches joins us again today to update us on some potentially significant developments, one concerning efforts to pursue a proper reconciliation regarding vaccine injuries and the necessity of compensation for the victims, and the other on countering the censorship complex with new voices of opposition.

“That we are subject to pandemics at all is ‘the’ greatest lie,” asserts the former leader of the official opposition in Newfoundland. While calling for the Canadian government to consider a ‘no fault’ compensation program for victims of vaccine injuries, he additionally asserts that it is more important to have criminal proceedings undertaken against those responsible for the damage. In assessing public support for such action he notes that the public’s “pendulum is swinging and it’s swinging with a lot of force.”

On the free speech front, Ches has announced that beginning on July 1, a new two hour national daily talk show hosted by Randy Taylor will begin on its mission of talking about “true things.” Introduced during a time when the Canadian and US governments have launched all-out attacks against media outlets that offer facts and truth to their audiences, it may prove to be a rather risky and adventurous undertaking.

But when it comes to talking about “true things,” we welcome the prospect of sharing the honor of being Just Right with as many voices as possible.

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