Apr 202023

Touted as an “International Day of Trans Visibility,” what was recently made visible to the entire world is that the so-called “Trans” community consists of mentally ill political activists utterly disconnected from reality.

Thanks to Chris Elston, otherwise known as “Billboard Chris,” the world was able to directly witness the violent behavior of “Trans-activists” as police, members of the media and the activists themselves, not only denied seeing the assaults, but accused the victims of violence instead of the perpetrators.

Trying to make sense out of visibly irrational behavior leaves many bewildered, frustrated, and even angry. But at the root of the division between those who perceive reality and those who do not lies the ultimate binary: the metaphysical foundation of human thought and thinking.

Philosophically identified as the conflict between the “primacy of consciousness” and the “primacy of existence,” Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff described that conflict in terms of how people perceive and understand existence (reality) itself. Continue reading »

Apr 132023

The uncivilized and violent behavior of so-called “trans-activists” is a direct consequence of their conflict with reality itself. It’s not the people they attack that they hate; they hate themselves.

Unable to justify their thoughts, feelings or actions, they blame that inability on the reaction of rational individuals to their epistemological dysfunction. They are angry and frustrated because their concepts and definitions do not describe or define anything objective or real.

In terms of “gender identity,” reality dictates that there are only two sexes: male and female. Similarly, in terms of political identity, there are only two polarities: Left and Right.

Accurate definitions are the key to discovering what is real and what is truth. Reality can only be apprehended by using real definitions of real concepts that actually exist in nature – another way of describing reality. Continue reading »

Apr 062023

“Unprecedented!” So say virtually all observers commenting on Donald Trump’s indictment and arraignment on charges of “falsifying business records.”

“Unprecedented” is an understatement. Given the context and greater narrative, a new vocabulary is called for. Perhaps a more focused question to ask is: Will Trump be “unpresidented” by the unprecedented events and developments we are seeing? How one answers that question depends on what one knows – or does not know.

“Knowledge precedes victory; ignorance precedes defeat” is the quote attributable to Sun Tzu in our show opener today. Having been described as the “personification of The Art of War” himself, it is fair to assume that Trump possesses knowledge and power that terrifies his foes. To understand why the deep state and the Left are so fearful of Trump, one has only to consider his political agenda that he has been making public at numerous political rallies and events.

Among his ten steps to “kill the deep state,” Trump plans to “declassify and publish documents on deep state spying, censorship, and corruption,” to “crackdown on (fake) news …and where possible, press criminal charges.” Continue reading »

804 – The people’s derivative—a call to action | Salim Mansur

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Mar 302023

In the wake of several consecutive years of unconscionable actions of our governments, our good friend and regular guest Salim Mansur has reached a point where he is now on a mission to turn democratic theory into practice. By proposing an addition to the preamble of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Salim’s proposal would transform a Charter that was written by politicians for politicians into a Charter that would be written for, and authorized by, the people.

Events of the past several years have dramatically exposed the illusionary nature of Canada’s Constitution with regard to the protections of the rights and freedom of its citizens.

The very name of the Charter reflects former Prime Minister Trudeau’s obsession with codifying otherwise inalienable rights and freedom into a list of “grants” disguised as “rights” along with a list of “freedoms” in the plural. Even the silhouettes of representative Canadians depicted on each side of the Canadian flag contribute to the illusion that the Charter is a document “for the people.”

To turn the Charter into a document written “for the people,” Salim makes a persuasive and compelling case for adding seven words to the preamble of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms: “…derived from the will of the people.”

Dictionaries define “derive” thusly: “to draw or receive, as from a source or principle,” while “derivative” is defined as “that which is derived.” In the context of a charter “derived from the will of the people,” that derivative is freedom itself. Conversely, the derivative of a charter written by politicians for politicians is tyranny.

Whether Salim’s proposal turns out to be the addition to Canada’s Charter preamble that’s Just Right for the people will ironically still depend upon the will of the people to exercise that will.

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803 – Weathering the political climate change | Matthew Wielicki

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Mar 232023

With the credentials and experience to challenge official narratives about fighting “climate change,” our guest Dr Matthew Wielicki offers us his insights into many of the emerging climate-related debates.

From the controversial “greenhouse gas” status of carbon dioxide to competing theories (biotic versus abiotic) regarding the origin of so-called fossil fuels, Dr Wielicki bridges apparent contradictions and misunderstandings with his own informed narrative. And, in explaining earth’s known climate history revealing that ice at the poles is not typical, he describes the Milankovitch cycles in a way that makes it easy to understand the presence of today’s polar ice caps.

It seems almost incomprehensible that politicians keep forcing us to fight “climate change” – a bizarre concept suggesting that climate should never change. Recall that “climate change” was the replacement term for “global warming” after it was observed that the ever-expected warming never seemed to materialize, and indeed, cooling trends were being observed.

Ironically, carbon dioxide still remains the official culprit behind all temperature “changes” – even though CO2 was exclusively linked to warming as a “greenhouse gas” and never with stability or cooling. In the face of such a glaring contradiction continuing to be used to “drive policy decisions” regarding climate, it is clear that our politicians have an agenda unrelated to climate.

It is only when one realizes that the real “climate change” at issue is our political climate, that one can appreciate official “climate change” narratives in a way that is Just Right.

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The will of the People | Salim Mansur

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Mar 192023

Seven little words and Canada will become a nation where the people gain their sovereignty over their ruling elites.

So says our guest, Salim Mansur of Western University in an article published on his Substack, Salim’s reflections and ruminations.

Canada, since its inception, has defined itself and even prided itself in one way…”We are not Americans.” From this reactionary and defensive stance, hardly a distinguishing characteristic, it created a government in direct opposition to “We the people of the United States.” Instead, it continued the traditions of Imperial Britain and created a nation where Parliament maintained its sovereignty over the people.

Indeed, Canadians are not a sovereign people. The nation may be independent in the traditional sense that any other country might be recognized however, as with every other nation on Earth, its people lie subservient to a ruling class of elites. In Canada’s case, it is Parliament.

Salim makes it clear amidst the backdrop of recent years that saw their Charter rights literally trampled underfoot that Canadians are serfs in their own country. They have no rights which are not granted by Parliament and their inalienable rights are neither recognized nor protected.

Salim proposes that the will of the people, as expressed in the Freedom Convoy of 2022, be enshrined in an amendment to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms preamble. Seven little words would fundamentally change the nature of Canada, placing Parliament in its proper place as a servant of the people rather than their master.

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Mar 162023

When our guest Pastor Artur Pawlowski says that Canada’s police forces have been acting like the “Gestapo,” this is no overstatement or exaggeration. As he reminds us, the word “Gestapo” simply means “political police.”

That people associate this word with crimes against humanity and with totalitarianism and tyranny is reasonable and perfectly consistent with both the theory and practice behind political policing. Once a nation reaches the point where its politics requires policing, then you know without a doubt that the government in question does not have the consent of the governed. And that is the Canada of today.

Indeed, a brief description of the story behind the word “Gestapo,” as described in the Universal World Reference Encyclopedia (1955), reveals a great deal about political conditions in Canada today:

Gestapo: the Nazi secret police during the Hitler regime, 1933-1945. Gestapo is an abbreviation of “Geheime Staats-Polizei” or Secret State Police.

“Formed by Hermann Goering in 1933, it was later headed by Heinrich Himmler, who assumed control of all police organizations in 1936. Organized on military lines, the Gestapo had two military branches and one political. It was noted for its terrorism, brutality, and extra-judicial activities. Its members constituted a much-feared elite. The Allies declared it a criminal organization at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946.”

As we can see, while attributable to the Hitler regime, the word “Gestapo” has a very generic definition, aptly describing the function of its existence. It’s history also describes what Canada’s “much feared elite” did to Pastor Pawlowski. From engaging in “extra-judicial activities” to the employment of “terrorism and brutality,” Canadian politicians have turned Canada’s police forces into their own private Gestapo.

So when Artur Pawlowski uses the word “Gestapo” to describe his own personal experience and the state of tyranny in Canada today, he’s Just Right.

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