Jun 042024

“One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” ~ Stalin

The callousness of Stalin’s treatment of his countrymen is infamous. One might assume that such disdain for human life would be an isolated historical incident. However, enduring the events of recent years, we have witnessed a level of carnage rivaling the scale of the Soviet Union’s purges and pogroms.

The data on all-cause mortality now available reveals that there was no COVID-19 pandemic. It was, in fact, a complete fabrication. Instead of the feared “curve” or upsurge in hospital admissions overwhelming the “system,” we saw doctors and nurses gleefully performing choreographed dance routines in the empty corridors and wards of vacant hospitals.

Just as the data surrounding the COVID-19 deaths was suspect, so too are the statistics concerning just how many people died or were severely crippled and otherwise injured from the injection of an experimental mRNA into their system to create a toxic spike protein.

By the Canadian government’s own admission, these are the results of vaccine injuries (excluding Quebec which has its own reporting and compensation system):
Total adverse events: 58,712 (as of Jan 5, 2024)
Non-serious: 47,010
Serious: 11,702
Deaths: 488 (although they claim only 4 were causally related to the COVID-19 injections)

Each injury represents a tragedy. The tens of thousands injured? Well, that’s just a statistic.

With the pall of fear hanging over the heads of healthcare professional who dare to question the doctrine of their guilds these statistics should be considered to be a pale reflection of the actual carnage inflicted on us by those responsible.

In November of 2023 the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) released its report on the overreach by governments in response to “the pandemic that never was.” It’s conclusions are damning, and its documentation and archiving of some of the stories of Canadians adversely affected by the “pandemic” are monumental.

Ches Crosbie, a Newfoundland lawyer and former Leader of that province’s official opposition (2018-2021), played a key role in administrating the NCI. His experience makes him uniquely qualified, indeed an expert, in understanding how COVID-19 and the government’s response to it injured and even killed Canadians.

In his concluding words in this discussion with Just Right Media’s Robert Vaughan, Crosbie states:
“The reality is, I’m convinced, that modern societies, our society, is not susceptible to pandemics. That’s the one lie that underlies all the other lies. That we are subject to pandemics at all is the greatest lie and anyone who advances a platform—news, advice, recommends vaccines—they need to go into the category of extreme suspicion because they’re trying to sell you something based on fear and a fear which is wholly unjustified. Watch out for the purveyors of fear. They are probably lying.”

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862 – SOCIALISNT—The ugly truth about socialism

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May 292024

Socialism is promoted by most of its supporters as a compassionate ‘redistribution’ of wealth, when in fact socialism isn’t compassionate at all. The truly remarkable thing about socialism is that it has a 100% failure rate when it comes to improving the lives of those living under socialism. Yet its popularity persists.

That’s because socialism is a pyramid scheme that appears to benefit the first generation of people who adopt it – at the cost of future generations who receive no benefits but must pay all the costs. Ours is that future generation.

For example, the photo accompanying this post illustrates just one instance of how socialism looks in London Ontario in 2024. Drug addicted and homeless people clutter the streets everywhere. Scenes like this were unthinkable only a few years ago.

The Canadian Press recently reported on the results of a poll in which one third of Canadians approve of Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) for homeless people. That so many people would approve of killing the homeless is tragic evidence of how deeply the Left’s death cult has taken root. And as we have been learning, MAID is far from being a guarantee of painless death: As observed by Kelsi Sheren in her conversation with Jordan Peterson: “MAID is a terrifying way to die.”

Similarly, socialism is a terrifying way for societies and cultures to die. As an ideological variant of the Left, the ugly truth about socialism is that it is simply another death cult. History has repeatedly demonstrated this and still, in light of this knowledge and experience, millions around the world continue to proudly call themselves socialists.

The antidote to socialism is capitalism, but most fear to acknowledge this because capitalism is Just Right.

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May 222024

In a speech delivered before the Institute Of Public Affairs in Australia, writer and podcaster Brendan O’Neill suggested that ‘lockdown amnesia’ is a consequence of the shame people experienced during the Covid lockdowns.

Based on his observations that many people have completely forgotten some of the most outrageous violations of individual rights and freedoms perpetrated by governments during the Covid lockdowns – including the lockdowns themselves – O’Neill contends that “the state is complicit in cultivating this culture of forgetting.”

His view is reminiscent of Ches Crosbie‘s (of Canada’s National Citizens Inquiry) call to end the “censorship industrial complex” that he identified as also being complicit in cultivating a culture of fear and ignorance. “It must be eliminated before the truth reaches enough people and a proper reconciliation can be pursued.”

The censorship industrial complex is indeed ‘complex’ and can be said to include the ‘amnesia industry’ and the intentional manipulation of memory.

But one must wonder how much of the impetus ‘to forget’ is actually driven by shame or how much is driven by the fear of being held accountable. Either way, it appears that a great reckoning is on the horizon.

As more and more of the destructive and negative consequences of everything to do with the lockdowns become impossible to ignore and avoid, attempting to erase the causal history behind all of the destruction appears to be a viable backup strategy to keep a significant part of the public in the dark.

“It is an abomination to forget what happened,” warns O’Neill, “It is essential to remember to protect ourselves from the possibility it will happen again in the future.”

Perhaps the most chilling aspect of the entire ‘culture of forgetting’ is the number of people who have forgotten what is Just Right, and in so doing, have just Left themselves to be manipulated by those who would destroy them.

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860 – Death traps—from euthanasia to environmentalism

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May 152024

Question: What does Canada’s MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying) program have in common with environmentalism? Answer: They are both prescriptions for death and depopulation.

Canada is sadly among a growing number of nations intentionally murdering their own citizens. Strong words? Hard to believe?

Says Britain’s Dr. Vernon Coleman: “This is the most evil cold blooded massacre since Genghis Kahn made genocide fashionable. Forget the self-serving myth that euthanasia is painless and dignified.

And on the environmental front, in announcing the release of Canada’s ‘Federal Plastics Registry,’ it was described as an “important demonstration of Canada’s commitment to end pollution and build a circular economy.” Continue reading »

May 082024

In their attempt to dismiss or ignore narratives and truths that conflict with the ideology of the Left, the term ‘far right’ has been used as a pejorative to silence the opposition.

‘Far right’ is an anti-concept. It is based on a fictional political spectrum that simply does not exist, either in theory or in practice. Left and Right do not exist on either end of a ‘spectrum’ but are strictly polarities representing the opposing political conditions of tyranny (on the Left) and freedom (on the Right).

‘Far right’ implies that there are other types or ‘degrees’ of Right. However, the values represented by the political polarities of Left and Right do not exist in ‘degree’ but only in ‘kind’. There is no ‘middle of the road’ and any compromise between Left and Right can only benefit the Left, as the Right (the good) has nothing to gain from the Left (the evil) in such a compromise. This has been the political trend for many decades.

In the information war, as in any war, it’s “Define or ‘be’ defined.” Unfortunately, those on the Right (meaning those in favor of freedom and capitalism) have come to lack both the vocabulary and proper definitions to articulate their values, and this was not by accident or omission. The Left has been hard at work destroying the very concepts necessary to articulate these values. Continue reading »

May 012024

Conservatism is being promoted as a Christian political philosophy that should be applied to the governing of a country. That, at least, was the expressed opinion of David Haskell (Wilfred Laurier University) during his recent debate with Bruce Pardy (Queen’s Law).

Sponsored by Augustine College and First Freedoms Foundation, the 2024 Rand Debate (named after Canadian Supreme Court Justice Ivan Rand), was based on the following resolution: “Be it resolved that, as Wokeism destroys the West, the first responsibility of government is to foster a virtuous society, rather than protect individual liberty.”

In addition to the resolution itself being based on a contradiction (pitting “virtue” against “liberty” when in fact they are inseparable), the debate serves as an ideal exhibit of what we have been referring to as the “political dyslexia” persistently surrounding political debates and discussions.

Most disturbing is the Christian ‘virtue signaling’ now literally being advocated as a political response to the politics of WOKE virtue signaling.

David Haskell argues that through the power of the state, “conservatism as guided by the Judeo-Christian tradition is going to make choices you don’t agree with, especially if you’re not a religious believer.” Bruce Pardy, in response, notes that “this is why so many progressives think that conservatives are dangerous.”

Given Haskell’s subjective definitions of words like ‘liberal’, ‘virtue’, ‘equality’, ‘utilitarian’, and many others including ‘conservatism’ itself, Haskell and Pardy could never have arrived at anything resembling agreement. This creates a deep and unnecessary divide between those fighting for ‘liberty’ and those fighting for ‘conservatism’ in their mutual war against ‘Wokeism.’

Until more people who regard themselves as ‘conservatives’ begin to use definitions that are Just Right, their proposed solutions for defeating the WOKE ideology, let alone for achieving freedom, will always be just wrong and ineffective.

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857 – Political dyslexia—causes and cures

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Apr 242024

The disdain and revulsion that many people have developed for politics is understandable. But a growing danger emanating from this attitude is the inability to conceive of any political solutions to our freedom dilemma, and to withdraw from the political process entirely.

This is particularly tragic for those on the political Right – the polarity of individualism, freedom, and capitalism – because most people who believe in these values have demonstrated little interest in politics. And to the extent that they do participate in the political process, they more often than not continue to support and vote for parties and candidates opposed to their values.

Most voters are so confused about politics that they still cannot tell Left from Right, a condition perhaps best described as political dyslexia.

In fact, the prevailing myth is that there is no difference between Left and Right, based on the mistaken assumption that political parties like Canada’s Conservative Party and America’s Republican Party are on the ‘Right’ when they are actually as Leftist as their liberal and democratic counterparts.

Consider the political awakening of Rosanne Barr who, in a recent discussion with Russell Brand, described her 2012 candidacy for president as leader of the Green Party as “socialist.” Remarkably, she associated “freedom of speech, civil rights, self improvement through education, and individual rights” with socialism and the Left. Continue reading »